My July Film List

It’s already middle of August and I just come with my July film list now, delay, delay, but it’s okay 🙂 And you know what, up until today I haven’t seen any film in August. However, I went to library today and found some DVDs already 😉

And here is the July list!
1. Aku Atau Dia (Indonesia, 2010)
2. Menggapai Matahari (Indonesia, 2004)
3. Kambing Jantan (Indonesia, 2009)
4. Gara-gara High Heels (Indonesia, 2010)
5. Republik Twitter (Indonesia, 2011)
6. Spaghetti (Indonesia, 2005)
7. Lost In Love (Indonesia, 2008)
8. Dealova (Indonesia, 2005)
9. Garasi (Indonesia, 2006)

Yes, you see it right, I watched 9 Indonesian films in July, woohoo… record! Is this what you call homesick? 🙂 Kind of. I liked Kambing Jantan, it was funny enough. Republik Twitter is also quite updated with what is going on and what is in and pretty interesting, though not really great. And I like the scores for Garasi. The rest I can’t really comment much. Paris setting for Lost In love film didn’t really help me like it by the way.

Continue with the next films:
10. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (US, 2000)
This film got very good review and I remember it was pretty popular too. However, this is not my cup of tea 😦

11. Limitless (US, 2011)
I think the idea of this film was brilliant, it is just not exactly what you see in the film, many things missing, just my opinion.

12. Midnight In Paris (US, 2011)
13. Small Change/Pocket Money (France, 1976)
14. Everybody’s Fine (US, 2009)
15. A Separation (Iran, 2011) – This is my film of the month. Recommended! It’s about a married couple who will get divorce. The wife demands a divorce since the husband doesn’t want to come with her to live abroad to get better life for them, especially for their only daughter. The husband’s reason not to come is his father who is old and suffers from Alzheimers, he has to look after him. And more things come related to this divorce idea. You really should watch this!

So far I have watched 88 films, well done! Twelve films to go…
This is probably one of my resolutions which is still being done in proper way, what about the others? I am trying… 🙂


4 thoughts on “My July Film List

  1. wah di library sana ada dvd indo?? asik amat!!!
    gua nyesel nih kemaren family dateng sini gua lupa nitip beli dvd indo!! kangen dah nonton film2 indo… 🙂

    btw midnight in paris bagus tuh… 🙂

    • Kalau film Indo-nya nonton di internet Mas Arman hehe…hebat bener kalau ada di perpus sini. Eh, jadi masukan tuh, film bagus gue donasi aja ya ke perpus sini 🙂 Iya, Midnight In Paris mayan menarik, apalagi yg suka Paris 🙂

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