Week #10 – Finishing Haruki Murakami Book

Proud! This is my first time to read one of Haruki Murakami works. And I did manage it finally! You know, I borrowed the book from library last month, but just finished reading it yesterday 😛 I know I didn’t start with Norwegian Wood (next time, yes!). However, this short story collection of him was a good start, I suppose.

I learned that if we are aiming to get something, as long as we stick to it and be persistent and of course with appropriate effort, we will get whatever it is what we want!
I like my July month. I occupied myself with several things, so I wasn’t worried about what to do next, since I had enough things to do. Oh, it feels so good! And this August started off nicely as well. It’s Ramadan months since 20 July and I am aiming to finish reciting Qur’an. Fingers crossed! 🙂

And this post about what new thing I have done this week written before the new week begins, uhuuy… 🙂


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