Week #8 – Ålesund Etcetera

If you stumble upon my blog just now, I am on my own challenge to do new thing/s every week, which I started in week 22. Now I am on my 9th week. However, I haven’t reported all the new things I have done in week #8. So I suppose I will continue with that first.

I have started with All I Want To Do Is Rock…With Travis!, when I saw Travis on concert for the first time in my life, which was wonderful!

Ålesund, the art noveau town located spread on 4 little isles in the western coast Norway has captured attraction on me since about 10 years ago. Eventhough it took me so long to finally visit it, I was glad that I made it in the end.

It started with my idea to volunteer at music festival in Norway. I found out that there are lots and lots of music festivals in Norway.

By the way, I started volunteering at Olavsfestdagene last year, you can read –> How I Spent My Holiday (Part1). And continued to volunteer at the film festival in Trondheim –> First Time KosmoCrew. I started browsing music festivals and stumbled upon this site Sommerfesten. It attracted right away because Travis would come. After I registered myself as volunteer (I chose to work at kiosk, something that might suit me – food and selling), I didn’t hear anything from them. I started wondering if I got accepted.

I tried to contact them at Sommerfesten via email, but got no response. Since then I forgot about it and started browsing other festivals in August. And for that as well I didn’t make any budget for travelling in July. All of a sudden, 9 days prior the festival, I got message on my mobile phone, from Sommerfesten. They were welcoming the volunteers, yes, and gave my work shift. I chuckled. It was a mixed feeling, excited but at the same time confused, how to make it to get there? Remember I didn’t make any special budget for travelling. However, I started browsing to get the cheaper transport and accommodation as possible. Sommerfesten is located on Giske, an isle outside Ålesund. So Ålesund is the nearest town, but it’s not a big town either, so choices of accommodation kind of limited. I mean limited for budget traveller like me. They have some chain hotels of course, but for that you have to dig deeper into your pocket. I succesfully managed to book one bed in 12-bed-dorm in youth hostel, and booked one night at a chain hotel (that I would get evening meal kind of attracted me – however I thought again that I wouldn’t get it anyway, since I had to work since afternoon and would get back late in the evening, hmmm). I also tried couchsurfing, eventhough in the beginning I was abit reluctant, since I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to socialize more with the host. Well, it was more I wasn’t really sure that I would get it since it was summer time. But surprisingly, from 4 requests I made, 3 responded me, and 1 said yes. Yes! Then I cancelled my stay at that chain hotel.

I was happy with the youth hostel. The hostel staff welcomed me warmly and showed me my room, and other facilities they have. I could sleep peacefully, the room wasn’t full, only half filled. And which made it even worth was that we got complete breakfast, yuhuuu… so I made myself stuffed and ready to start the day 🙂

I met my couchsurfing host at the park just accross the hostel. She is from Ålesund so she knows the town pretty well. She showed me around and drove me up to Aksla/Fjellstua, where I could take a picture of this little beautiful town (the first picture above). She even drove me to Giske (about 20 minutes by car), through under sea tunnel and over the bridge.

I was glad that I witnessed her excitement when she found out that day that she got study place where she wanted to be. It means she would start studying in 2 weeks’ time.

When I arrived on Giske, I registered myself and got the volunteer t-shirt.

I think all tshirts were XL size. That is why I won’t show you when I had it on me, since it looks like a dress on me hahaha…

Something that I was grateful about that I got shift in the afternoon 15-21. Perfect. And Travis concert started on 21.15 🙂 Other surprises were that my friend Anne in Trondheim was indeed coming to Ålesund too and working at the festival! She worked at the bar and got the same shift with me so we could meet up before we started working 🙂 And other friend, Anne from Oslo, was also coming to see the festival. Whohooo… Norway isn’t that big, eh? 🙂

And what did I do at kiosk? Did I manage to sell well?hehe… I wasn’t working at the till. I had no idea how it worked. When I came, the leader asked me if I would like to spread the butter on svele (kind of pancake), and the sugar on it afterwards. Yes, no problem with me. So I started to spread the butter on svele. I was standing doing it nearly 5 hours straight, I believe. The rest I went here and there to help, since all the sveles were already gone. I don’t know how many sveles I have spread the butter on, thousands maybe 🙂 So, I think I started to be good at doing it haha… Hey, by the way, it tastes good… and now I feel like making it… Yeah, I should 😉

Spreading the svele with butter and sugar. Worth it! It made me able to see Travis concert 😉


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