Week #8 – All I Want To Do Is Rock… With Travis!

In 2002 I listened to Flowers In The Window in Trondheim. In 2004 I put their concerts ad in Britain (with Keane as opening band) on my wall in my room in Wales, hoping that I could go to one of them. In 2008 I bought their DVD in Glasgow, it contains their music videos (3pounds only, what a bargain). In 2012, last night, Travis live on Giske – and I was there. Life is colourful, indeed πŸ™‚ – That was my status on Sunday, the day after I had a chance to see Travis live on Giske, the small isle on the western coast of Norway, outside the art noveau town Γ…lesund.

If I am asked what my favourite band is, I have 3 names: Keane, Travis (both British) and Kaizers Orchestra (Norwegian). I can say so because I have listened and know most of their songs. I say most of because I’m not perfect πŸ˜› I might have missed something, and no guarantee either that I like all of their songs. That’s why. That’s why I wouldn’t say that I’m their biggest fan. I’m just a fan. Who would be happy to attend their concerts or to take pictures with them πŸ™‚ If not those, just listen to their songs in my quiet room, will be okay πŸ˜‰

Anybody who isn’t familiar with Travis yet perhaps?
Let’s have a look at their music videos, some of them which they played on Giske, and some that I really like but they didn’t play, but it’s okay πŸ™‚

These are some of songs they played, just click on the link, I have no idea why it hasn’t shown up 😦

Flowers In The Windows

Writing To Reach You
They had this as first song to play on Giske. To be honest, I started to be keen on Travis when I lived in UK. I mean, I knew them already before, but then I found Travis CD on my friends’ CD case and started to play it alot πŸ™‚



Why Does It Always Rain On Me
This is one of the songs that most of the festivalgoers were familiar with. Around me there were many youngsters, so I could understand if they didn’t know all the songs played.

All I Want To Do Is Rock
Look at how cute Fran Healy was πŸ™‚
When I went to UK again in 2008, I bought their DVD in Glasgow, contains their music videos. It was 3 quid, really a bargain, eh?

Look at Andy’s action on the concert

Selfish Jean

This song from the latest album is also familiar to many people, I suppose.

There was one song I wasn’t familiar with, even Fran Healy admitted that he played it wrong the night before hehe… watch?v=YXOWfgCXox8

I am not sure if I have written all the songs they played that evening, but now I will mention some other songs from Travis that I really like:


Tied To The 90s

U16 Girls
Did you notice what they sing?
So make sure that she’s old enough before you blow your mind… Beware with whom you are going out, make sure the girls are old enough πŸ˜‰

Travis is going to make new album in Norway? Read this, yes in Norwegian.

You can read Fran Healy’s blog from his last year performance on Sommerfesten

Anybody noticed that Dougie Payne isn’t aging at all? Look at the old music videos… we can see the difference with Fran Healy and Andy. What have you done, Dougie?

So, it didn’t matter it rained on me, eventhough I didn’t lie when I was seventeen πŸ˜›
It rained and Travis concert was half an hour behind the schedule due to technical problem, and I started a little pain with my legs, since I had been standing a lot that day. But, everything paid off! That night I slept well enough till the next day and I was fine. Thanks very much, Travis! Now I feel like going to Glasgow again πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Week #8 – All I Want To Do Is Rock… With Travis!

  1. I have one Travis CD and Keane, but none with Kaizers. I used to listen to them back in London. Now I dont remember where i put them. lol…

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