Week #5 – Four Indonesian Films in Four Days In A Row

This is something new. I never bothered to watch Indonesian films this often before. Now? Why noooot! It’s been a while since I watched Indonesian film last time and I noticed that the film list of my 100 films a year challenge didn’t include any Indonesian films yet. This week is the time! I just realised this is something new when I watched the third film on the third day. Plus tonight, I made it four. Actually I wanted to make it 5. But I feel like blogging about it already today, so here we go šŸ˜‰

1. Aku Atau Dia (2010) – how to translate it, it can be Me Or Her or Me Or Him? Well…this is the offical trailer:

Not bad, not bad. A guy doesn’t want to continue the relationship with a girl due to his promotion at work, which is something that he has been longing for. The girl hires an intelligence agency heartbreak in order to try to get the guy back. The ending is not like what I have expected, but it makes this film unpredictable, in a good way. The funny part is not extremely ridiculous, still acceptable.

2. Mengejar Matahari (2004) – Chasing The Sun

It’s about friendship. About 4 boys who live in the same neighbourhood in a dense part of a town, grow up together and what is next. It was difficult for me to recognise each of them when they grow up, in the beginning, since there is no special characters, I mean physically each, to show it. It might be easier perhaps if it’s, let say, American film. Maybe one boy has dark hair, the other one is blond šŸ™‚ I thought they were college students, but when somebody celebrates his 17th birthday, then I knew. How could high school student (even it is 3 of them) afford giving a handycam to their friend as birthday present, as I am sure it is beyond their pocket money? Was it only from Nino who is apprently the richest? Hmm…if correct, sorry to have missed some important facts šŸ™‚ Anyway, I like the way this film is presented, the colour, and the actors chosen.

3. Kambing Jantan (2009)

This film is based on the blog that the main star (Raditya Dika) has written, and later published as a book (and later the blogger/author produced another books which I haven’t read, uff…). I would say compared to the two previous films, I like this best. Kambing Jantan makes me laugh. I read the book before (it was very late remembering the blog has been well known much earlier), so I was kind of aware what was going on with him (in this self-written life story comedy). Therefore I would say that the plot is easy to follow, and it flows quite smoothly, withouth making me confused. The setting in Australia makes it even better? Yes and no, it depends. In this film it helps. Other films, not necessarily. I once watched Indonesian film with setting in Australia too with hope that it would show me attractive landscapes of the country. Apparently it didn’t really help, the story was errr…#speechless. I was already sitting on the edge of my seat, and felt like banging my head to the seat in front of me. They (the film maker and producer) should be grateful that I didn’t leave the cinema before it ended šŸ˜›
Anyway, back to Kambing Jantan. I liked the scenes where Dika making phone call with his girlfriend and later with his mother, showing each of them sitting at the end of a long table. Anybody finds it boring? I find it really interesting and creative! šŸ™‚ By the way, this is from the same director who made Mengejar Matahari, Rudy Soedjarwo.

4. Gara-Gara High Heels (2010) – how to translate it, Blame the High Heels? hmm…
It’s about 3 girls, college students, living together in rented rooms (it was more like they share the house, only 3 of them, in my opinion). The beginning of the film which shows what each girl is doing helps me understand what is going on. However this film form is very typical Indonesian soap or we call it sinetron (short from sinema elektronik). The plot anyhow didn’t make me stop after half an hour, I watched until the end. Despite the typical Indonesian soap character – for example why does Anggi’s boyfriend get so irritated without any particular reason? If you see the film you will see his angry face is so typical sinetron, so exaggerating or we call it lebay oh my God, and other weird scenes – the story itself is pretty creative.

I haven’t planned what to watch for the fifth film. Definitely not Menculik Miyabi or Kidnapping Miyabi šŸ˜› Eittss…believe it or not, I have tried a week earlier, I stopped after half an hour. The actings, the scenes are so very exaggerating. Thank you very much.


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