My June Film List

I feel grateful to have found some good films at the library last month. At the end I managed to see 11 films. Well done!

1. Puss in Boots (US, 2011)

2. The Descendants (US, 2011) It was very good film, I have to say. No wonder it got many good reviews.

3. 500 Days of Summer (US, 2009) In this challenge I am allowed to see again the film I have seen before, including this film. I remember I saw this film first time during Jakarta International Film Festival and I didn’t quite like it. But this time I liked it better.

4. Vannliljer/La Naissance Des Pieuvres (France, 2007)

5. The Way (US, 2010) This might be inspirational for somebody who likes finding out things in life by taking a pilgrim, especially hiking to Santiago De Compostela in this film.

6. Tapas (Spain, 2005)

7. Rendition (US, 2007) Please read the definition of Rendition (law), if you have no idea what it means. The film itself is worth to see.

8. Welcome (France, 2009) After having seen this film I realised this kind of film is the reason why I like films, why I like going to film festivals. I was really touched by this film. The previous film Rendition as well, it got me so emotional. Alhough both effected me psychologically in a good way, I believe, you can see the difference still. In American films usully someone will reach wherever he is heading to despite bad things on the way. But European film, in this case, just wants to show us what things are like they are, you know what I mean? I am sorry to confuse you, and I am sorry if this is not the right conclusion either. Just my opinion πŸ™‚ Welcome was chosen as Best European Film at Berin International Film festival. No wonder.

9. Poetry (South Korea, 2010)

10. The Messenger (US, 2009)

11. SΓΈnner av Norge/Sons of Norway (Norway, 2011) I was glad to have found this DVD at library, since I missed it when they played it at cinemas here. Γ…smund HΓΈeg the co-star here is definitely an actor I should watch next time πŸ™‚

Just for your information, last night I finally watched Indonesian film (where have I been??) No, not something phenomenal, it was just I felt like it πŸ™‚ Well, yeah since a few days ago I have been feeling like hanging out in my hometown hahaha… you call it homesick? I call it missing the atmosphere πŸ˜› I listened to Hardrock fm, it was Provocative Proactive show, that was sooo hillarious. You would find me giggling nearly the whole time in my room, strange but true πŸ˜› They interviewed 2 foreigners who have been living in Jakarta nearly one year, who are learning Indonesian. Their Indonesian is not bad, but as usual, we, Indonesians, always find it funny when the foreigners speak our language, due to the accent they can never pick up, I suppose. Now I realise that to pick up the local accent is not an easy job – well, that is not my goal actually in learning one foreign language. However it would be cool! I have to be grateful that they don’t laugh at me whenever I speak Norwegian πŸ˜› Maybe not my pronunciation, I think it is more likely the word choice, I might slip of the tongue (many words sound similar in Norwegian)

Then after the show, I watched some Indonesian stand-up comedy shows uploaded on youtube. That was funny too. There was one guy who used to work at my previous office (I have no idea if he is still working at the same office). I never knew that he was a comedian. So it was a surprise that he could perform with others who are pretty well-known, I have to say. I will always remember how helpful he had been (he was an IT-guy). Standing ovation, Asep! (like he will read this, anyway πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “My June Film List

  1. Mbak, film The Descendants emang bagus banget dah! Yang ceritanya George Clooney kan ya…

    Mbak temennya Asep? Dia lucu banget dan selalu ‘menjual’ kejombloannya hahhaha…

    • Iya, yang George Clooney. Menarik filmnya, gue nonton dua atau tiga babak, pengennya segera ngelanjutin segera πŸ™‚

      Sempat satu kantor dgn Asep. Gak nyangka dia komedian begitu. Gue inget dia mulai ketawan kocaknya waktu away day ke luar kota.

      • Dan sekarang dia udah terkenal lho Mbak. Followers di twitternya banyak hehehe…tapi aku gak ikutin dia #Penting banget

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