Week #3 – It’s a Play Time!

I have heard about the play Håkon + Kark, or simply well-known as Korsvikaspillet, already many years ago. However I didn’t have the guts and chance to explore more about what it was actually. Until this Thursday. I got the chance to see it myself! Yuhuuu…

You can find out more about it on Korsvikaspillet, mostly in Norwegian, apart from About The Play. Well, the play itself is in Norwegian, so don’t blame them if they put most of the information in Norwegian.

I wouldn’t say that my Norwegian is excellent. Being there and seeing this open-air theatre myself was already a new experience for me, so I was really looking forward to getting the chance. Well, I didn’t understand the whole story, to be honest (lots of homework, I know). They used the local dialect and some old language and other Norwegian language (nynorsk). But still, it was more due to my limited knowledge of the language. It was an entertaining evening though, I would say.

On the website they say:
“The conflicts in the story behind “Håkon and Kark” show Norway in a tumultuous time. Old traditions meet new influences and the Old Norse religion faces off against emerging Christianity.”

I really liked the music, the songs. Two thumbs up for Frode Fjellheim as componist. Other thing is that this play involved not only professionals, but also the amateurs, both adults and children.

You see the boat there on the water? It was part of the play too by the way

This year is the eleventh time they have been doing this open-air theatre, in Lade, Trondheim. We saw the premiere on Thursday, while the play itself lasts until Sunday. It was really a (serious) Play Time! 🙂


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