Week #2 – Abracadabra rabarbra rhubarb!

Have you ever eaten rhubarb cake, rhubarb pie or rhubarb jam, or whatever rhubarbish? I have. But this week it was my first time to pick rhubarb from the garden. It is called rabarbra in Norwegian. Just in case somebody hasn’t seen rhubarb plant yet, I give you some pics. I know I have done my new thing challenge for this week, but this is something new as well, so I have done more than one new thing this week! Proud 🙂

You might have seen it before?

This is after being picked.

I succeeded to pick 2 full plastic bags of rhubarb, those in pic are the first part. What to do with all of them?

Something that crossed my mind immediately was to make rhubarb cake. I love cakes. And this was the time to try, while we had so much rhubarb. By the way, after I picked them, I washed them, and peeled the red thing and chopped them into small pieces, even smaller for the cake, as the recipe said something about thin slices. The left overs I put in the freezer, for next time! 🙂

It might not look like the most impressive cake, but I was satisfied enough with it. There is more better rhubarb cakes next time, though! 🙂


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