Week #2 – Watching Kids Piano Performance and Football Matches

First information, it wasn’t my kid who performed. It was a friend of mine who informed me that her son would show his skill in playing piano in public together with other kids who join Kulturskolen in town. I have been to her flat several times and the son asked me once to come to his room so he could show his ability to play several simple songs that he learned from that culture school. That was one of the things he enjoys. This Kulturskolen performance was actually not the first time he was performing, but I guess he was a bit nervous, so while he was playing piano, he was looking at the wall. However, well done, Bryan! When I was a kid I wouldn’t even imagine I could do such a thing!

Well done, Bryan!

Finished with the performance, we crossed the road to have some meals at fast food restaurant. And afterwards time for the next thing, football match! It must be very exciting for kids to be able to do different kinds of things that they enjoy, mustn’t it? I think it’s good for kids for being sociable too, to play with other kids and do activities that they like. However sometimes I feel sorry for my friend who has to run here and there to pick up her son from one spot to other spot, exactly like this day. So I was happy that I could be around this time 🙂

Even the referee was a kid too, who took his food and drink with him before the match 😉

This kid was very good

Go Bryan!

I didn’t know earlier that they had to play four times, each match last 16 minutes. However, it showed that the kids loved playing football so much, when there was the time they got no substitute players, they were so happy, since they couldn’t be substituted 🙂 And another time I saw a kid kept rubbing his nose and it looked painful, the father called if he wanted to be substituted, he shook his head and continued his playing 🙂

Very cute day. Thanks, mamma Bryan! 🙂

Note: All the pictures were taken with my mobile phone, all look very long! I should have edited them first next time 😉


4 thoughts on “Week #2 – Watching Kids Piano Performance and Football Matches

  1. That looks like a fun day. I can’t imagine how much parents run around with their kids. How do they find the time. I admire the parents who are so involved.

    • It was, yes. Those kids were so cute, and I can’t believe how enthusiastic they were. Some were really good, oh God, they are like only 7 years old. I even saw one or two girls playing as well. My friend is a working mother. I can’t imagine if it were me…

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