My May Film List

Remember my earlier post New Thing Every Week? I start my new challenge, that is new thing every week, this week. Fingers crossed, folks!

Well, before we come round to it, I will give the list of films that I have watched in May (my first challenge – to watch 100 films in a year). Unfortunately it’s not that impressive last month, to be honest. Blame the weather 😛

1. Philadelphia (US, 1993)
2. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain/Amelie from Montmartre (France, 2001)
3. American Pie (US, 1999)
4. American Pie Presents Beta House (US, 2007)
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (US, 2002)

No review whatsoever this time. However it’s probably necessary to say that if somebody asks me what my favourite film is, I will say Amelie from Montmartre as one of them. I have watched it 3 or 4 times and still fond of it. And what I will never recommend people to watch, that is number 4, yeah please skip American Pie Presents Beta House.

I see more promising number of films in June, as I have watched 3 films so far, and have got some DVDs borrowed from library.

And now time for the next challenge. I made up my mind to
start my new thing every week by writing a post in Norwegian language. Unfortunately there won’t be translation for that, as I feel that you are not missing a lot 🙂


6 thoughts on “My May Film List

  1. Aku belum pernah nonton film itu semuanya, Mbak. Tapi yang American Pie kayaknya cukup booming di sini dech. Yang soundtracknya Madonna bukan ya?

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