A Day To Remember

I know I haven’t packed my ski stuff and put them back to where they belong yet. But it doesn’t mean I wished it would be snowing in June! However that is what happened. I remember last year it was still snowing on 5th of May. A friend of mine who has birthday on that date told me one day, it was snowing on her birthday when she was a kid (she is from Minnesota, US) and she was crying like a kid (of course), since it wasn’t supposed to be snowing that day!

And now I have another friend who has birthday on 1st of June, and her family name is Sommer (means summer), and hell yeah, it was snowing yesterday! No summer was born in winter, I suppose πŸ™‚ We made a little celebration in the evening, and it was snowing too!

Well… probably it’s best to put some pictures when we really enjoyed the nice weather last week (it was like a one-week-trial-of-summer, and God decided to give us another surprise with snow afterwards). I know this was not the first time it was snowing in June where I am now, anywhoo… hello, isn’t it supposed to be beginning of summer?

Two girls in summer clothes, one of them pointing something. Look at that!

Yes, elg or moose!

Well, now moose and snow has become part of my life. It’s better to pack my ski stuff up before it snows again. Oh, no! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “A Day To Remember

  1. Same thing happened last year in Sydney, snow fell in December which supposed to be summer in Southern hemisphere. Climate change or coincidence?

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