Love Your Country!

It was Norwegian National Day yesterday, and the fourth time I experienced it, the third in Norway. They call it simply 17 of May or in Norwegian syttende mai. The biggest celebration in Oslo, for sure. I would like to see it there one day. It was more the parade that emphasizes the celebration anywhere, children parade mostly comes first.

Listen to the anthem:

When I attended the flag raising at my working place, I remembered my time when I was still at school. We often did that kind of thing, flag raising ceremony, every single Monday. Unfortunately it didn’t really make us nationalistic nor patriotic. What is wrong then? I don’t know.

But I do love my country. This is our anthem:

I admire W.R Supratman who created this song. And I admire our founding fathers. Long live my land, long live my state, my nation, my people, entirely.

And this is bløtkake for everyone! 🙂

Love Your Country! Hurra!


6 thoughts on “Love Your Country!

  1. Maybe because we do it every Monday, that’s way it becomes meaningless. It becomes a routine and no contemplation embedded to it. If we do it less frequent, students will get more sense of why such flag raising ceremony is important

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