My March Film List – During Kosmorama (Part 2)

I can’t believe it takes nearly a month to continue My March Film List – During Kosmorama, sorry about that. I will admit that I have been really lazy, although I am still on my 100 film challenge 🙂

This post won’t be long. Let’s start!
1. Chinese Take-Away (Argentina, 2011). More about the film, click here. I liked the film. You could still find kind heart in a grumpy looking man 🙂

2. The Disintegration (France, 2011). About one immigrant Muslim family in France. Very interesting for those who are interested in this kind of issue. How to be integrated and how to be disintegrated and how anger led to something that is what we often heard nowadays. Sad.

3. The Lorax (US, 2012). A very colourful film! Nice! However it didn’t stop me missing some part of the film because of a little nap hehehe…

4. The Invader (Belgium, 2011). Read the link and you find out more.

5. Flåklypa Grand Prix (Norway, 1975). This is a movie that is loved just about everyone in Norway, I suppose. Guided by one of my fellow volunteers at Kosmorama. Later I found the DVD and watched it again to get more understanding what it is all about 🙂

6. The British Guide To Showing Off (UK, 2011). Not the best of film of the day for me, but watching it next to my old workmate Paul made it more fun! 🙂

7. Monsieur Lazhar (Canada, 2011). Very good! Loved the little boy Simon.

8. Ringing In Their Ears (Japan, 2011). Slightly better than the first Japanese film I watched at the film festival, but still not the most interesting I ever watched.

So it made 16 films for the last film festival, and it made 46 films so far until March. Nearly halfway, only in the first 3 months. I am pretty sure I will reach the goal. Feels good, eh? 🙂


4 thoughts on “My March Film List – During Kosmorama (Part 2)

    • I don’t think I am a movie addict, this is purely for fun’s sake 🙂 I spend lot of my spare time in my room and the library in town has a great deal of film collection, great eh? 100 films by the end of the year, correct. Would like as well to challenge myself with other things, though.

  1. hoii, gw juga baru aja liat Atonement. Sedih sih..tapi bagus, aktor/aktris nya juga bagus actingnya. Oya udah liat The Reader? nah itu film baru depressing..:D

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