Look At Me In The Eyes

Gosh, this is my third post today. And it’s still morning, everybody! *clapping*

Check out some pictures I made (using my new mobile phone, okay, stop the show-off šŸ˜› but not bad, eh?) when I and some friends visited the drinking source water nearby (we didn’t swim there, swear! :P)

Look at the water, very clear!

Did she swim to get there? hehehe…

Anyway, back to title. On the weekly meeting last week, we had a discussion if we want to continue with checking out how things are going with everybody, or not. Not everytime somebody would like to share how things going on with her/him, but some thought it would be nice just to share something, so we could get to know each other better. At the end of meeting, we ended up playing a small games, suggested by somebody. The games was pretty simple. We just went around to greet everybody in the room, not to forget looking at the person we greeted, in the eyes. There I realised that I don’t usually do it, looking at somebody in the eyes (because I am shy? whoaa…). So interesting.

I still feel it’s pretty awkward always to look at in the eyes of somebody I am talking with, hmm…but I’ll try šŸ™‚

Today I found these 2 blogs:
1. Walk and Talk owned by a student named Justin who resides in Vancouver.
2. 50 Year Project owned by T.B.M who wants to focus on the happy aspects of his life and pursue interests that he enjoys and that reinvigorates and challenges himself. Wait, I think it’s her…

It’s refreshing, and inspiring to have found such blogs. And now I have to say that I get inspired to travel again (I know, at some point I felt that I wasn’t really keen on doing so much travel anymore, perhaps it was because the aging-thing. I mean, I like to travel, to visit new amazing places, or just to see different things, and meet good friends. Okay, now I know I have to do it again).

Another thing. I think I feel like seeing myself publish my own book. One day. And that one day should be this year. How cool it will be! Okay, stop talking, just do it! šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Look At Me In The Eyes

  1. Nelda, it is rare to find a river with crystal clear water like that.

    Did you friend get wet? If not, I wonder how she flied to the stone šŸ˜€

  2. Great photos. Thanks for mentioning my blog. That is very kind of you and I’m glad you like it. Traveling is a wonderful thing. I do hope you get to travel more and good luck with getting published.

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