Morning, Kimchi!

Good morning!

This early morning I tried to update myself with some news which posted by some of my friends on facebook, related to the Indonesian students association in Berlin, Germany, who did walkout from the gathering held by the Indonesian Embassy in connection with some Indonesian parliament members who came for so-called ‘business trip’. I finally saw the video on youtube. The students also asked for transparency of the trip budget and gave some rhetorical questions (criticized) regarding the members trip that always involve a lot of money, tax payers money, and also to mention that often they come with their wifes and other family members, who have nothing to do with the trip whatsoever. Typical. I hope we always learn something from this, no use to curse without reflecting. Simply, say to ourselves: I won’t do the same!

Anyway, a few hours later after I saw the video, I was still sitting in front of the computer, apparently watching Norwegian film Buddy (2003), an easy film, good for early morning. And after nearly one and half hours, my stomach started rumbling and I realised I had nothing to eat, really. Well, I didn’t feel like cooking my instant noodle, which means I had to go down to the kitchen, naaah. The eatable thing in my room, guess!

Take a closer look

Exactly, turn your head upside down (or your ipad instead :P), Kimchi, one of my favourite things on earth.

It’s not even 6 in the morning. I already ate Kimchi. Well… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Morning, Kimchi!

  1. Rasanya kaya apa. Nelda? Mirip asinan bogor ga? Ihhhh ga kebayang rasa bawang putih nya.. I can’t eat too much garlic..

  2. I used to work in Kimchi factory when I studied in Japan…. That’s why I love Kimchi

    Proud of PPI in Berlin…. You should also watch the same action done in by PPI Ceko… They did soft action which may actually embarrass our House of Representative members (if they do know how to feel embarrassed)

    • Really? How cool… so you could eat a lot of Kimchi! hehehe…and you might smell chilli pepper, cabbage and garlic afterwards 😉

      Yes, I think it is good to voice out loud our opinion regarding some unbelievable behaviour from those politicians 🙂

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