My March Film List – During Kosmorama

During Trondheim International Film Festival – Kosmorama I got the chance to see 16 films (yes!) and I will start with this post to tell you about all the films I have seen. I give you the first eight now. I hope you find this more or less useful 🙂

1. Control Tower Kanseitou (Japan, 2011)
It’s often that somebody gets a great idea for film and tries to find great music to combine with the film, no? I thought Control Tower would give me some nice film and music experience. Unfortunately this film is based on only one song – well however, when I saw the trailer again now and heard the song, it is not bad though. That it is teenager film and some cute teenagers play in it don’t really help, to be honest. I didn’t like this film. That I fell asleep in the middle of it doesn’t mean that film was really that bad though. I think it was more of the tiredness, and it wouldn’t be the first time for me, oops…

2. Rough Hands (Morocco, 2011)
The film is about a woman who tries to get a job in Spain to follow her boyfriend who already works there. The job as strawberries picker requires her to have rough hands. And about a man who has several different jobs to make a living, including to help provide the woman some paperwork to enable her to go to Spain. This film shows quite a lot the culture of the country, but sometimes I feel they are pushing it too much and I would say: hoho, slow down please! Anywhoo, it’s very interesting! Please watch it!

3. Teddy Bear (Denmark, 2012)
A story about a shy and lonely bodybuilder Dennis who is looking for love and the effort goes as fas as to Thailand. Does Dennis manage to find his true love or just trapped in sex tourism instead? This made the best of film of the day for me, of the three. This first feature film of Mads Mathiesen won best foreign film at Sundance Film Festival 2012.

4. The Guard (Ireland, 2011)
According to the Kosmorama curator this might be the funniest film at the festival. Really? Might be. But not the funny way I wanted it to be. It’s an Irish film about a policeman who still holds to his integrity in the corrupted police surround him. At Kosmorama there were 4 screenings of this film and I went to the first one. What I remember is that quite many people came for this film for the other 3 screenings. So if you like something funny, Irish way, involving policemen and drug dealers, this might be something for you! 🙂

5. Elena (Russia, 2011)
This wasn’t on my list when I visited Tromsø International Film Festival(TIFF) in Tromsø, Norway, in January this year, but since it won 2 prizes, that is Aurora the main prize and film critics prize, I thought I should see it this time. It’s about a woman named Elena who lives in between 2 worlds in modern Russia, one is life with her new rich husband, while the other is her unemployed son with his family. I like the way how slow they film, sometimes one scene lasts pretty long, only showing the tree branches for example, but you don’t feel like hurrying for the next scene either. I don’t know how to describe it best according to the film terms, my knowledge is very limited. I often like films which show reality in one culture’s daily life like this.

6. Rabat (The Netherlands, 2011)
When I found out that this would be the opening film and then I saw the trailer, I knew that I would see this. Rabat is about a car journey os 3 friends, from The Netherlands to Rabat in Morocco. Actually there is only one of them who has the need to go to Rabat, but of course without the other 2 there wouldn’t be this film, would it? Interesting story about friendship, life and finding love life, I would say. Enjoy!

7. Bombay Beach (US, 2011)
It’s documentary about a place called Bombay Beach in US and the people who live there. I don’t have much to say about this film.

8. Flowers of Evil (France, 2011)
This was one of the films on my list at TIFF that I couldn’t see. Thankfully it came to Kosmorama and as well the director, David Dusa. Flowers of Evil tells about an Iranian girl who comes to Paris to avoid some chaotic and unpredictable situation back home in Iran, but still wants to keep herself updated with the situation through social media. She gets to know Gecko in Paris, he is a parkour dancer. I like films with the right music – and parkour in this film gives it more spices 🙂

Alrighty. Apart from this film report, I had so much to complain for today, but thanks to God I am home now and I could publish this post. So, no more complaint, just enjoy! 😉

Oops…perhaps sneaking for the video of the day – Promises by The Cranberries! And I bought Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief DVD – hoho!


2 thoughts on “My March Film List – During Kosmorama

  1. So out of 8 movies above, which one will you recommend the most. Definitely not control tower and bombay beach right?

    Anyway, I love the last song that you put in this post. Promises…. will always be in my list 😀

    • I would say Rabat, if you like a film with some travelling experience. Teddy Bear and Flowers of Evil will be good choice too. It depends on what kind of film you like, Cipu 🙂 Some people might go for Elena and The Guard, haha now you are confused again 🙂

      I listen to The Cranberries often lately, so glad that you like the song!

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