First Time KosmoCrew

I wouldn’t say that I’m a movie freak. I just like movies. I wouldn’t watch any kind of movies, but I am more into different movies from different countries, which show various culture, people and the way people deal with their lives.

It was in 2009 last time I worked as volunteer at Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest). My first volunteer position at Jiffest was as ticketing staff in 2001, and the last was as hospitality team. So I thought 2012 should be the next time. I applied for being volunteer at info desk at Trondheim International Film Festival – Kosmorama.

Long story short, our first meeting was in the beginning of March. I came at 2 pm, as expected, and the others were there already. There were more than 15 people in that small meeting room, but amazingly you hardly heard a sound or any voice. People were so calm and quiet up here 🙂 I thought I was the only foreigner, but later I found out there was a lady from Switzerland in our team. So the rest was Norwegians. After the meeting they took off just like that. I mean, I didn’t expect that we would get to know each other very well on the first meeting, but small chitchat would be nice, don’t you think? Well, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I don’t always find myself into small talk anyway, so it was okay 🙂

Our historical spot at Nova Kino

We actually started working before the festival, but I chose to do my shifts during the festival. I didn’t think of anything when my team leader put me on the first shift on the first day with two others, Julius and Cecilie. I didn’t expect anything great but not that something would go wrong either. Unfortunately the computer system for printing the passes was down. Fortunately we didn’t get any nervous breakdown 😛 Julius was really good at talking to people. Cecilie stayed quiet, who knows what she was having in her mind. Our team leader Ina was under control, she was fantastic. Me was questioning why I was so confident to apply for this position in the first place, when it actually required perfect Norwegian language – even to have a small talk I was still pretty crap, ooh. When Hallvar Witzø came to us, for example, I couldn’t figure out why his tickets weren’t there to pick up. I mean, it was Hallvar Witzø, whose profile had filled local newspapers (at least what I know of) in the last few weeks due to his short film nominated to Oscar for short films. A picture with him would be cool, no? But since I saw nobody did such a thing during the festival, I just abandoned the idea at all.

Another time somebody would like to buy a festival pass, so we told him about our system that didn’t function at that time. He was patiently waiting at the counter without showing any impatient look, nor beginning with any chitchat. When in the end he got his pass, he would like to get some tickets right away. I was serving him. My face got stuck on the screen, trying to figure out why something didn’t work. He asked what is going on. I just simply answered ‘wait a sec’ instead due to my limited phrases to small talk, oops. I didn’t dare tell him either that I actually got some problem since I felt that he had enough problem waiting for all this time, but I think my face was telling it all 🙂 I turned to Julius instead and it was solved.

Surprisingly, when that first 4,5 hour shift ended, I just forgot immediately what happened. I really admire all those Norwegians who were so patient and took things easy.

Us: We’re sorry, our system is down, you can’t get your pass, no entrance to any films, no screens, whatsoever.

They: Helt greit da – absolutely fine.

No, I am exaggerating 🙂

Hey, it’s us!

Fotograf: Susanne Heggelund.
Regi av Mari Lauvheim og Isabell Iversen Hansen


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