Eleven Years

It was eleven years ago the first time I came to visit Norway, that was in 2001. Time is flying? Well, you can say so. Although I feel that a lot of things have been done on my side (do I hear somebody mention age here? haha), but many plans haven’t even been executed (sounds very serious). I stay the same, I would say. Well some little changes here and there, especially in size, ahaha… no, not that extreme 😛

My March holiday contains another visit to some good friends in the south, including to Anne, who was the daughter of my host family of ISFiT in Trondheim in 2001. This was not the first time I met her after I decided to move to Norway last year. Fortunately I finally made picture with her. You can compare how we look eleven years ago and just recently.

Trondheim 2001

Oslo 2012

I took the train to Oslo, where she lives, and saw her at the end of the escalator at the train station. She was with a man with whom I took the same train. He was in fact her brother. I couldn’t remember him, since when I stayed at their place in 2001, he was still in military service, at the same time with the eldest brother, whom I have never met up until now.

We took taxi to reach her flat, not far from the station. When we arrived, the first news she told me was a sad news. Her father passed away. She just came back from Trondheim that morning by plane, and the brother came later by train. The last time I met her mother and father was in 2004, that is when they invited me for a dinner, when I was on a one-month visit to Trondheim. One thing I remember of the father that he was a calm man. My deepest condolences.

There was another person from ISFiT that I would like to meet, that is Erling, the vice president of ISFiT my time (sounds really long time ago, well in fact it is!). I contacted him a day before I left home. He responded. Unfortunately due to his work he couldn’t meet up with me, which I could fully understand. I was asking to meet up in the afternoon while I was waiting for my train to Arendal, not the best time, innit? Especially when he is now at top management of subsidiary company of Aspiro.

It’s always refreshing to remember the good time memories and talk about it with people you spend those good times with, agree? 🙂


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