Finally The Wedding!

No, it wasn’t mine, if you are wondering šŸ˜›

It was my first wedding experience in Norway.

My friend Ina was the lucky one. We got to know the first time when we came to Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta one morning in December 2010. She was applying for visa to visit her boyfriend and I delivered the last documents for completing my visa. We exchanged phone numbers. Later that day she contacted me again to ask if I knew about hotels that were available (she wasn’t from Jakarta), since nearly all the places that she checked were full. I was surprised too. I checked on the internet and suggested her a few hotels. All of them were full too. She went around, here and there, finally found the last room in one new hotel.

When it was the time for her to pick up the issued visa, we met again. This time she asked me to accompany her to buy some souvenirs.

Long story short, she moved to Norway. She told me that she was going to get married in March. I was honoured to be the only Indonesian guest at her wedding. The D-day might not have gone as smoothly as she had expected. The lesson is, no baby when you are getting married! Lesson learnt šŸ™‚ Ps: I am not the appropriate nanny either. Another lesson learnt šŸ˜›

The Invitation

I was surprised that I got the seat next to her. Thanks for the honour šŸ™‚

The wedding didn’t involve many people. I guess it was about 30 people alltogether present that evening. It was like some wedding I have seen in some film, exciting, isn’t it? A small but intimate wedding. The groom, the mother-in-law, brother-in-law and one uncle of the groom made speeches.


Although it was a small wedding, it doesn’t mean it was a short wedding. It was loooong. We started at 5 pm and I think we were finishing at 1 am. However it paid off. My friend was happy. That is what matters šŸ™‚

Yes, that is the couple. No, not the photographer šŸ˜›


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