Two Weeks Are Too Long?

My bags are nearly packed. I’m nearly ready to go. I’m standing here inside my own door. I suppose everybody will be up by the time I say see you later  🙂 That was my status for today. Yeah, I am going to take holiday. Again.

I will be away from work for 2 weeks. I will be joining the great team at Kosmorama, Trondheim International Film Festival. But before that, I am going to the south to attend my friend’s wedding party. I didn’t plan to take the whole 2 weeks in the beginning, but well, I thought it was for the best and the easiest.

By the way, probably some of you, especially who used to stumble upon my blog because you were looking for the information regarding visa to UK, notice that there are no longer such posts on this blog. I am sorry to say that I have deleted all those posts, not only UK visa, but also other visas. As I think I am not dealing with that thing anymore, I can’t be much of a help, I have to say. There were some questions coming to me and I was always surprised and at the same time wondering. I think you should research more, guys 😉 You have begun your way to find the right information by googgling it, you know. Then find your next step 🙂

Wait for another holiday stories!


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