Last Bit of January Holiday

Finally comes the last bit of story of my January holiday. Yes, I was in Oslo. It means: food! Not that I don’t get enough food where I live, but I mean, in Oslo you will get more varieties of food, no? With competitive price.

For example. Børek.

In Trondheim I often buy it at Narvesen, it costs me 35 NOK. Well, at 7 Eleven you will get the same price, as in picture above, when I bought it at Central Station in Oslo. In the shop in Intan’s student housing area, it costs only 20 NOK. And, listen, in a shop in Grønland, I found out that they sell it even for 16 NOK. Woohoo… one reason to move to Oslo? 😛

Prior to my departure, Intan told me about one restaurant somewhere in Oslo, it’s Vietnamese. Dalat is the name. From outside you can’t believe that it is really a restaurant. The owner should learn more how to do business, to attract more people to come. Never mind. We need what is inside 😉 And what I ordered picture below. I can’t remember what they wrote on the menu, but for sure it’s rice with some vegetables, it’s vegetarian dish. It tastes like Sapotahu in Indonesian. Yumm. And it was a big portion. Yummmm…

After two nights in Oslo – discussing the conflicts in Africa (it was more her telling me – I was a good listener :)), encouraging her to finish her thesis (more like she was sitting in front of the computer, busy with her stuff and I was sitting watching TV but also talking to her, so I had no idea what I was watching anyway), watching Britain’s Got Talent on Youtube (later I felt that she was watching it too much, I should have told her to stop – oh well) – it was time to go to Kristiansand.

As a matter of fact my friend doesn’t live in Kristiansand. I just knew it when I arrived at the train station and later she and her husband and their baby picked me up and we had to drive about half an hour to get to their place. It was in Grimstad. I had another relaxing time there. Eating and talking. Great. Another session in Indonesian. Although none of those of my Indonesian friends I visited come from Jakarta like me, certainly language wasn’t barrier.

And yes, we have been to Kilde. Been a few minutes inside, there was in fact a convention or exhibition, certainly not for babies, as we carried one with us 🙂

I had to squeeze the whole week into 3 different places from north to south of Norway. This is what I could do. I am happy to have met all friends and new people on the way or at the destination. Life is a journey. It keeps going 🙂

By the way, due to limited budget, I had to forget about buying more things for food stock at home, even had to refuse a sweet soysauce gift from my friend – the reason was that I only had cabin baggage. Which I felt grateful afterwards, since after the bumpy ride I didn’t need to bother about claiming my luggage.

Now I am off to go to sleep. Uff, haven’t done my Norsk homework 😦


2 thoughts on “Last Bit of January Holiday

  1. Dalat is good for its Vietnamese soups. Their pho is excellent!

    But yeah, the place looks shabby, I can’t complain, the less people knowing it there, the less crowded it is 🙂

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