And Now To The South

I didn’t spend much time on my fourth day in Tromsø since I had to wake up at 6.30 and left for the airport at 7.20. Luckily my host gave me a lift to the airport, leaving the hassle to take the bus to town and catch airport bus from there. Bless the nice!

I took SAS flight SK 4409 to Oslo, which took nearly 2 hours. I was seated by the window, next to two Japanese girls. Although I don’t speak Japanese, I could recognise the language. So I greeted them and my further statement ‘I grew up with Doraemon’ certainly helped me have nice conversation with them. Chie, the only one who spoke English, told me about their wonderful holidays in Norway. Good to know. And next time there will be wonderful holidays for me in Japan then 🙂

When we were about to land in Oslo airport Gardermoen, it was completely white of snow. Ho ho ho…finally Mr Snow reached the south. By the way, before my flight departing from Trondheim to Tromsø, our airplane had to be ‘showered’ by the Frost Fighters – I found on Youtube the video, so you know how they do it 🙂

In the bus on the way to central Oslo, my friend Anne texting me wodering what my plan looked like. I had no special plan, it was more take-it-easy-stay in Oslo. So, before heading to Intan’s place in Kringsjå, where I would stay for 2 nights, I decided to go a bit around Oslo with Anne. It was so much snow in Oslo, even in the city centre. Some tractors tried to push the snow out of the way, ho ho nice view! 😉

We went to Vigelandspark. I had been there before, but hadn’t been there when it was covered with so much snow. So, it was the right time!

Then Anne took me to Grünerløkka, so-called trendy part of Oslo. I don’t know much about Oslo, though been there quite many times, but still don’t get time to explore more. Well, to be honest, still haven’t thought of living there either – living in a middle of nowhere, up in the mountains, deep in the woods, has given me an idea that Oslo very big and different, for now as just a place I need to get away to once in a while from my current sanctuary 😉

She bought me a kokosbolle at the shop above Den Lillekokosbollefabrikken. Yumm! And later visiting her place in Bislet, where she shares a flat with another girl, they both are engineers, very sought-after in Norway nowadays. We had waffle, best with jam and cream, another yumm! 🙂

In the afternoon I finally reached Intan’s, a student taking Masters at University of Oslo. Her flatmate, a spanish guy, was on holiday, so the whole flat was ours. Great! And the conversation accompanied the dinner was her explanation of conflicts in Africa, especially in Darfur. A benefit to stay with a student, I would say 😉

Last part of my January holiday will be coming soon. And now let met prepare for my Norskkurs 🙂

Vi sees snart


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