My January Film List

Before heading to the south continuing story of my January holiday, let me write here the list of films that I have watched in January, as well a bit of review of my New Year Resolutions as I wrote in this post.

1. Få Meg På For Faen (Norway, 2011)

2. Asterix and Obelix – Take On Caesar (France, 1999)

3. Wall Street (US, 2010)

4. Jeg Reiser Alene (Norway, 2011)

5. Asterix and Obelix – Meet Cleopatra (France, 2002)

6. Company Men (US, 2011)

7. Bridget Jones Diary (UK, 2001)

8. Asterix and Obelix – At The Olympic Games (France, 2007)

9. Love Actually (UK, 2003)

10. Low Cost (France, 2010)

11. My Father is Baryshnikov (Russia, 2011)

12. Italy – Love It Or Leave It (Italy, 2010)

13. 678 Kairo (Egypt, 2010)

14. Undercover Blues (US, 1993)

Probably you start recognizing what kind of films I might want to watch 😉

I know my list is longer than I planned, from 4 films a month, now it has grown more than 3 times. Well, some holidays more or less helped, and as well that I attended film festival in Tromsø. Perhaps I should add my challenge up to 100 films a year. Now February has started but so far I just watched 2, and now I am watching my third film, a South Korean film, it’s so weird, I am having really hard time finishing it, to be honest. But I should try to be persistent.

I am looking forward to the next film festival here in  Trondheim. Æ glær mæ! 🙂

And a bit review of my resolutions. As for reading literature book, I finished reading Buru Quartet with title House of Glass by Pramoedya Ananta Toer in January. This February I try to read one of Dostoyevsky’s works, that is The Idiot – I know this is hard work. I don’t know how far I can go, but I really should try. Yeah, fingers crossed!

Regarding travel in Norway, I started with Tromsø, Oslo, Kristiansand, and Grimstad. Well, only the first and the latter one that was my first visit. Still long list to go…

And yes, I should buy the natural shower gel soon…

Writing? Oops… lots of homework! I have started some, but not many yet. However I should try harder. I even started a short story, uff… this is something I am not really good yet, but it just felt good when I started it, though not finished yet 😦


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