Day 3 In The North

Now I have less than 2 hours before going to sleep (again) and I will challenge myself to write about my day 3 in Tromsø just relying on my memory (of course). Shall I try that? Let the challenge begin!

After coming back to hotel late after The Italy film, I managed to get up early again to catch the next film the next morning. As the night before I failed to see a film I wanted (you read my earlier post), I exchanged the ticket to 678 Kairo film, an Egyptian film that I had alreay wanted to watch when I went to Oslo for Film From The South Festival, which I missed, since I had a little trouble with forgetting my mobile phone’s PIN number. Not a cool thing, I have to admit.

So off I went to Fokus Kino, where they played this 678 Kairo film, see the trailer. The film is about sexual harrassment experienced by 3 women in Egypt, which was very interesting! As I have to say such thing is common in my country as well. Even after the film I met my friends and they asked me what I would do if I were harrassed in a bus or saw somebody harrassed, I would say that I would just try to get myself out of the bus, leaving the horrific moment. But not everybody could do the same, as they would think they had no choice, not enough budget to take other transport, for example? As the film has shown as well. Which makes me think. Any way for me to help those other women?

I was glad to have watched 4 films during the film festival, three of which I find very good indeed. Perhaps not as many as as friend of mine who was there the whole festival and has watched 16 films, wow! *standing ovation*

Later Lilli and I went to Planetarium in Science Centre near the university, where we would see the film Experience The Aurora, since Lilli had no luck to catch the Aurora the night before. However I really admire her effort to go to Ersfjorden, as being a German she is 🙂 – as I just had to forget about it, because I didn’t think I was well-dressed (and my shoes gave me enough cold when too much outside, just being nearly 7 years old they are) .

The Science Centre in Tromsø

The short film about the Aurora was very informative actually, it was just me being very entertained by the view so much so I felt sleepy only for watching 15-minute-film, oh God, yes, I was being very pathetic 😦 Anyway, before the film, we tried some spots at science centre, and were ‘stranded’ in one attraction for quite a while, the one which gave us a chance to make our own short film of the way we walk or act (stupidly as you wish) as silhoutte with snowfalling as background, I am not sure it gives you idea what I am talking about? They wrote on the screen that we would be able to send the links of the films we made to our email address – which we would do very excitedly. They as well wrote we could share on facebook and twitter, which eventually never seemed to work. And later we found out that none of them worked, which is very disappointing, as we have humiliated ourselves so much in front of the screen, and we would like to share with our friends our stupidity too! 😛 I suppose there was no camera TV recording what we were doing there. A relief.

As the darkness came to shine up our afternoon, Lilli ready to wait for the time when she had to depart back to Trondheim, and I was waiting to meet up my 2 new Couchsurfing friends. Helen (not real name), is a Norwegian student originally from Oslo area, studying Social Anthropology. She was the first person I wrote couchrequest to, which didn’t succeed. But she would like to meet me, which is nice. She text me on my second day in Tromsø, telling me that she had been sick and would text me the day after, which she did. We met up at Verdensteateret, the oldest cinema in Nortern Europe that still exists and on business. She was doing her school task, observing people who came to the cafe we were in, what they actually were doing, how they knew the people whom they talked to, etc. Interesting task.

A corner in Verdensteateret, Tromsø

I text the other Couchsurfer that I would stay with. Yes, my second and last attempt on couchsurfing succeeded. As this time I tried a German who lives in Tromsø, which worked. I am not sure if it’s about him being a German or he was just being nice and neat – this is the perfect way to describe him from the first response till I got to his place, I suppose. Helen and her friends planned to move the venue abruptly that I had to text my future host several times in only some minutes regarding the changes. They in fact wanted to move to some Sami tent by the harbour. It was a nice place, but not so much for me to eat anyway, and I told the German guy to meet in front of Peppes Pizza. So I said goodbye to Helen, and was so ready for the pizza. Lecker!

Chemnitz, let’s call him that way (this is my way of handling his data protection 🙂 – if it sounds familiar with you, oh yeah, open your Germany map and find where it is 😛 was there in front of the restaurant and we got in and waited to be shown the seat. Which never occured in the next couple of minutes. So we decided to go to Pastafabrikken. As you hear the name, you might guess they provide only pasta, but I still wanted pizza anyway, and they do have it. Goodie. A nice restaurant, where, after you ordered, you will get a beeper which tells you when your food is ready – don’t mistake it with your Blackberry beep though 😛 I checked first how big the pizza would be, as it was only me who ordered pizza – he ordered pasta. I thought, yeah it was not really huge, until I really got it and I thought, oh this is huge *oops*

I might not be really the best at being ladylike when it comes to eating with guys – well, this kind of story might take the whole post so let me save it for next time 😛 I noticed that Chemnitz looked at my plate with pizza a few times, I might guess that he was thinking, oh this girl with the huge pizza – poor thing, or just being nice to share understanding look how hard it was for me to finish the whole pizza. Which was indeed hard, true, and only too words which came a cross my mind several times. Don’t burp. Don’t burp. Thankfully I didn’t. At least not in front of him 😛 And happily I shared some of the pizza with him, not much enough to reduce my effort though – he was pretty full. Uff.

Tried my luck to vote favourite films, to win Ipad. But no luck, as next time I should try to think they way people here think, so I would know which one to vote 🙂

So, time is up for my less-than-2-hour-writing challenge. And as well the end of my third day in Tromsø. See you later and aufwiedersehen! 😛


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