Still In Tromsø – Story From the North

After the bumpy ride, now I am back to share with you the unfinished stories. As you might have known, my travel story usually doesn’t content lots of travel guide or normal sightseeings. I just want to share my own experience – as part of my writing training, I would just start with that.

So, holiday is over. I am officially broke. Again, I become the poorest person in Norway 😛

This is the next story of my previous post Tromsø, Here I Come.

The second day, after watching My Father is Baryshnikov, it was only half past ten in the morning. We decided to take the cable car or Fjellheisen in Norwegian, to have a view of Tromsø from the mountain. To reach the cable car we took the bus which cost us 28 NOK one way, though you can reach it on foot from the town centre. The cable car itself costs 120 NOK. It took less than 5 minutes to go up there, about 50 metres above the sea – wrong fact, the base station is 50m above the sea level, but the final station up on the mountain is about 400m above the sea level.

This is the view of Tromsø town centre from outside the cable car base, while waiting for the time for the car to go up. Look at the mountains as the background, amazing!

Perhaps not the best picture of the cable car, however that is the best I got! I told you my camera isn’t the best 😦 I hope it gives you a picture somehow

A view from the top. This was taken around 12 during the daytime. To make it easier to imagine it I wrote the time of Maghrib prayer, when the sun is supposed to go down, that is at 1pm, so early. It’s winter still!

I didn’t stay long outside the cable car base up in the mountain, since it was freaking freezing. And the wind was pretty strong. So I came inside and just sitting around watching people. Waiting for Lilli.

After the cable car we met a friend in town, had a chat about films and other stuff (we came here for the same reason – the film festival) in Circa cafe. And when finished, separated our way. Not a busy afternoon afterwards. I just got back to the hotel and stayed there. Then I cooked my dinner, noodle and some sauce. I left my noodle in the pan for a little while to log on the internet. When I got back to the kitchen, there was a girl telling me that she put the cooker plate down, since it was boiling. She sounded American. So I assumed that she was American. I thanked her and I threw the water in my pan into the sink, while beginning to chat with her. She was studying Media and Communications in Oslo. She was in Tromsø for the film festival. We chatted for a while and there was a point when she asked me if I speak Norwegian language.

I answered: Yes, I am trying. What about you? Do you speak it?

She said: I am Norwegian.

Right. I should have asked her from the beginning, where she came from 😛

Later when she left the kitchen to check if her friends were coming, her phone was ringing. It was one of Kaizers’ songs as the ringtone. When she came back, without doubt I asked her: Do you like Kaizers?

Yes, she does. She added: I am actually related to the bassist and the drummer. In summer there will be our big family gathering and surely they will be coming.

Welcome to Norway, a place where everybody is related to everybody. Oh yes, of course I am exaggerating 😛 Maybe after this I should try Dumdum Boys 🙂

In the evening I came back to cinema to try my luck to get the ticket for seeing some film, while Lilli trying her luck to catch northern lights in Ersfjorden (I told her, just in case she couldn’t catch it in Tromsø, it will be coming to our place anyhow, which in fact it did, a few days later. Goodie). The ticket that I wanted was sold out, but we could just queue to get rush tickets the last minutes. During the queue there was a girl in Sami dress talking to a Sami man, I have no idea who. Suddenly an NRK cameraman turned the camera on and shot them. Oh, please, don’t shoot me 😛

After standing in the queue for about half an hour, I finally got the ticket. But. yes, it was with but. I was standing on the wrong next queue, so I came late to the screen. I wasn’t allowed to get in. However, the ushers were nice enough to check if there was actually a place for me inside. Yes. I could sit on the stairs. The last thing I’d like to do for 85 NOK, to be honest. Luckily I could exchange the ticket for any other screening. I went upstairs to the ticket counter. The ticket guy asking what film.

Me: Let me think

Him: Anything?

Me: Let me think! (No, I wasn’t angry 🙂 )

So seconds later I said what I wanted. A screening for the next morning.

It wasn’t the end of the evening. Lilli and I came to the screening of Italy: Love It Or Leave It at 11.15 pm – so late, the last half an hour of the film I was a bit sleepy. I was really looking forward to seeing this film. I think you would feel the same after you see the trailer. And Luca and Gustav were also present at cinema. Nice!


2 thoughts on “Still In Tromsø – Story From the North

  1. I’m curious about Tromso for its wonderful aurora. I wish i could find the pictures once I read the tittle on your blog. I wish I can go there someday, hopefully..

    Nice blog, by the way..


    • Hehe unfortunately I didn’t have the right equipment to capture the moment yet, and now I started to practise more on camera, but not much yet, so wait, who knows in the near future. 😉

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