Through The Bumpy Ride

After having been on holidays for a week, I was ready to fly back to Trondheim from Kristiansand. There was transit for one hour in Oslo in-between. I took Norwegian, the airlines I took on the way from Trondheim to Tromsø. When we were about to reach Trondheim, that was when it started to happen: in-flight turbulence. I remember the stewardess said about the nice weather with strong wind in Trondheim when departed from Kristiansand. I forgot about how strong the wind can be in that part of Norway – as it is what happening now as I am writing this post. The plane started to shake a bit, and then worse and worse, I don’t know how to describe it very well in English, but you would feel like you are on one of the rides in amusement park. The difference just it was for fun, but this was for real. You hold on on the seat handle, but you feel that it is no use, since you feel it in your stomach. I am no a fan of something with adrenalin-kick. I was seated by the window, so I could see the way the plane move, oh that was scary. I could see the runway, but I felt that the plane had difficulty to reach it safely. Some thoughts crossed my mind. I heard some people’s reaction, not exactly scream, but nervous sounds.

When I felt that the plane started to fly up again, I thought that they would try to land again. They flew up back to the sky instead and later I found that we were on the way back to where we departed, to Oslo. After the condition was pretty much in control, the stewards and stewardesses showed up and had a chat with passengers, oh how nice of them. But I couldn’t hide my feeling, that is when I started crying. We landed nicely back in Gardermoen airport in Oslo. They told us that they would refuel the plane and after changing the crew, they would fly again in 10 minutes’ time. They gave alternative as well for passengers to take the train to Trondheim, of course without any compensation. That is what I did. I wouldn’t dare fly back, still the same evening to the same destination. I just felt like getting out of the plane and calming myself down.

I sent messages to some friends as well my sister to tell them how I felt. Some called me right away, offering a place to stay, consoling me, some text me back. Much appreciated. I called my friend who waited for me at Trondheim airport, tell him just to go home. At the airport I met a lady who took the same flight and decided to get out of the plane as well. She looked more horrified than I did, I suppose. I came to her and chatted abit with her, in English. It seemed that my Norwegian just disappeared. She said that she would stay in hotel in Oslo. I also saw a boy who took the flight from Kristiansand, he had a look at me as if he gave me sign that he knew I was on the same flight, but I was on the phone, though I really wanted to ask him, if he also got out of the plane for the same reason.

I used to like the sensation of take-off and landing. but for now I think I will take a rest from flying. For a while.

I found some links related to in-flight turbulence, hope it helps:
The Facts About In-Flight Turbulance
How To Handle Airplane Turbulence

When nervous, sometimes I don’t feel like eating, my appetite just disappears. However I had to push myself to grab something to eat after 18 hours without anything to chew. Luckily I found sushi in the supermarket. Now I feel slightly better after a good long sleep. And this song gives a bit soothing feeling.


11 thoughts on “Through The Bumpy Ride

  1. Copenhagen is a windy city as well, so every time I fly back from Oslo, we have always turbulence, feeling like the plane thrown left – right, left – right all the time, swinging non stop. I always have headache every time I reach the airport.

    Glad you’re fine tho’. How long does it take to take train from Gardermoen to Trondheim? Last Wednesday I saw the NSB departure board at the airport blinking Trondheim, and I thought trains serving Gardermoen lines only go to suburban Oslo / Akershus.

    • Thank you. I didn’t get headache, but I was scared to death. Exactly like you said, thrown left-right, left-right, and as well down, ouch… it takes only 45 minutes from Gardermoen to Trondheim by plane, and 7 hours by train. NSB from Oslo S to Trondheim going through Gardermoen, yes. I hope you won’t get bad turbulence as I did.

  2. Uaghh! How scary! I can imagine, that you are not keen on flying that soon again. For a similar reason I came to Jossasen by train last time. Rather 36 hours in a train than 3 hours in a plane!

  3. I mean, it wasn´t that bad. But I am afraid of flying anyway, and last time the plain just fell down a bit in the clouds; something that happens quite often and is normal. But I was so shocked, that my knees were shivering for at least 20 Minutes and my teeth were also shivering. So I decided to go by train to Norway. It was much more relaxing and quite interesting…

    • Oh, poor you…I was also a bit shocked. What funny is that now I started to watch lots of videos on Youtube about turbulence, crosswind landing, and stuff like that. Therapy, perhaps? 🙂

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