Tromsø, Here I Come!

I can’t believe that I finally made it to come here. Yes, I am in Tromsø in North Norway at the moment. The idea is to attend the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF), which is held for the 22nd time this year.

I and a friend of mine flew here last night by Norwegian (the cheapest deal we could get), took about 40 minutes to get to Bodø, where we got transit for a while, then 35 minutes later arrived in our final destination. We arrived a few minutes earlier than the estimated time 18.40. We took the airport bus right away to reach the town centre, it cost us 60 Kr (a few days earlier I found out on the website it cost 55 Kr by the way). We stopped near Rica Grand Hotel, but that is not where we would stay. We walked up a bit for some minutes where ABC Nord Hotel was the place that was written in my email booking. 825 Kr for double room with 2 beds. Again, that was the cheapest deal we could get (I feel so poor when I keep saying about the cheapest deal :P). When we arrived there I should say that we were pretty happy, despite the location on the third floor and no bathroom in our room, there were TV and the sink. That the toilet is located somewhere on the other side of corridor, we wouldn’t complain so much.

We wouldn’t want to waste our time, so we went to the first cinema we could find to buy the film festival pass. After some-minute-walk we found the amazing shape building that was a  library. My friend tried to take a picture of it, not me. Without appropriate light, I felt my camera was pretty hopeless. I didn’t even think of taking it out of my bag. Anyway, the Fokus Kino (the cinema) was located next to the library. There we bought our passes (it costs 110 Kr each) and decided to buy the ticket for the French film Low Cost (each ticket costs 85 Kr). This is the trailer.

The film started at 10.30pm. so we had time for a little grocery shopping and back to hotel to cook. I bought fish grating and tropical juice for dinner. By the way, why does tropical juice often taste dominantly pineapple? I expected it to be more mango, to be honest. Note: mango is my favourite fruit. Oh yes, I also bought mango last night. Accompanied by dried fish chips, which is locally made. Yum! Like it! – oh yes, I like food – eating it or just talking about it 🙂

Back about the film. I am not good at making a film review, but if you ask how I think about that French film, I would say I don’t like it. It was a strange funny kind of film. A lot of happening already since it starts. When I read in the catalogue (oh, this film festival has a huge catalogue, so huge that it fills up your bag and you would say oh my, but oh well) in fact they categorize it as one of the Overdrive films, which is suited for those of you looking for something out of the ordinary. In some cases, a bit sicker than the average festival film. I stole the last 2 sentences from the catalogue. Anyhow, today I met 2 persons who have seen that film and both of them said they thought it was funny (they said it with smile). One of them said it was typical French (I should learn alot about French films then).

This morning I followed my friend, her name is Lilli by the way, who wanted to watch a Russian film called My Father is Baryshnikov. It started at 9am. This is the first time in my life time to go to the cinema to watch film so early in the morning. When I woke up at 7.10am, I couldn’t believe that I was going to the cinema, but I made up my mind. We walked to Kulturhuset, where the film would be screened. Oh, how I like the idea you just walk from one cinema to the others on foot – Tromsø, you rock! (I experienced the time when in Jakarta once I had to take taxi from one venue to the next one, and it was 3 different venues on the row) but hey, that is the art of the film festival, right? 😉

This is the trailer:

How should I say about this My Father is Baryshnikov? Loved it! I can’t remember I have ever loved a Russian film, but this one, definitely! I wouldn’t expect this film would  brighten my day and make me laugh a lot, well it did. And I think it was so funny, simple Russian funny. I don’t know how you put it. And let me steal some words from the catalogue: the message is universal, that is our thoughts are free, and our dreams are life itself.

That is all the report from my second day in Paris of the North, Tromsø. Dasvidania! (Now I sound Russian 😛 )


2 thoughts on “Tromsø, Here I Come!

  1. I wondering how could you laugh a lot on “My Father is Barishnikov” movie ? Do they have the English subtiltle there ? Hehehe . . silly question but I’m curious! well, keep up the good writing, awaiting your next post on your journey !!!

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