Keeping in Touch in New Year 2012!

I have enjoyed my Christmas and New Year holidays very much, I have to say. I had so much free time. No big plan, no travel. I was just staying in one place, where I live, and was taking it easy. And it wasn’t boring at all. I had great time discussing things over the internet with some friends. I got to watch some films, read couple of books. Sometimes I also enjoyed the art of doing nothing.

Today I was so in the mood of greeting some of my friends who were online on facebook, which I don’t do often. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to greet everybody, since it might take loooots of time. However, I find it surprising and relieving, how people could give you such a warm response, eventhough you haven’t seen them for a long time. Of course you can’t expect everybody to respond you either, since you never know what they are up to in that time you were online, correct?

New Year greeting is a good start, isn’t it? Eventhough the next message might be the next New Year, anyway, it’s good to try to keep in touch, eh?

One of my friends decided to start his own business, eventhough he got a pay rise from his workplace recently. Well, I hope he will stick to his plan. Since it is sooo good to be your own boss, no? Unexpectedly he told me that he was expecting me to come back home to be his marketing team hahaha… not sure if he knows me too well. Marketing? hmmm… 🙂

Another friend was wondering about my travel plan. Since my first time to fly abroad in 2001, he still asks the same thing: safety card, Nelda. How you haven’t changed at all.

Or a friend who was still curious to take an adventure in Europe but feels that it isn’t her destiny yet. Well, sometimes what we think is good for us is not always good, isn’t it what they say?

One friend from primary school, yes, hear me correctly: primary school, who happen to be working in a automotive industry, wondering if we could meet up in the city (in Europe) which she will be visiting in couple of months’ time for a motor show. That’ll be great. I was happy to get her invitation, but around the same time I might have another program to attend. But we keep in touch.

Another friend whom I met when I joined a student organisation, wondering if I knew somebody. Yes, in fact I know the guy that he meant. This happens often. Somebody: “Hey Nelda, so you know … (the name)”. Me: “errr…yeah”. And he also wondered how we were so excited back then to be involved in the organisation, and if I still kept in touch with some of our pals. Me: “Yeah, it was in the past. And now it’s soooo not me 🙂 And no, I am not really in touch with them”.

And the coolest. I got a new friend whom I happened to get to know while I was applying for visa at Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta. She moved to Norway finally. She gave birth to a baby girl couple of weeks ago. I was inquiring her baby birth. It was a natural one. I thought so. Since she got a baby during the day time, and I got text from her on the same day. But she added: Oh, I felt like I was going to die… uhuhuhu… oops…not a good thing to add though. She asked me again when I will be visiting. Yes, I am coming this month. Let me check my holiday schedule hahaha… she was saying, hey the tickets on me, huaaaa… that was very cool. Thank you in advance! 😉

And one thing. Remember one of my resolutions: watch a film once a week? So far I have watched 2 films, hahaha only in first two days, isn’t it a good start? 😉


4 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch in New Year 2012!

  1. Sometimes, I got a new spirit everytime I did phone call, chatting or talking with my old friends. Then I realize, some people has change but some people never change 🙂

  2. Hihihi…kayaknya kenal dengan yg ditulis di situ 🙂
    1 film per minggu? Hmm, film seri termasuk gak? Kalau iya, tiap hari nonton CSI / Law & Order / Bones udah 7 film seminggu 🙂

    • oh ya, kenal juga? 😛 Dasaaaar… itu situ kaleee… 😛 Gue sih bukan film seri Han, istilahnya feature film, tapi documentary juga bisa. Tapi kalo lu resolusinya film seri ya silahkan 🙂

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