Not The First Snow

Some people had been missing the snow already. I told myself and some other friends earlier that I still could wait until December (I haven’t bought my skiing equipment yet!). The first snow came already actually in October, but it was’t much, so it didn’t stay. Finally what others had been expecting, has come to us, that is much snow! Yesterday I nearly had my winter shoes on, then realised that I went to town, where the snow hadn’t come yet. But I think today it’s pretty much everywhere here in Trøndelag, eller??

View from my room this morning, still a bit dark, even after breakfast

Snow on the balcony

Another view. Still the flag is standing high.

And yes, I had my winter shoes already today. After lunch we walked through the woods, there was so much snow that you feel like laying down in the snow 🙂 Afterwards I felt tired and took a bit nap. This is not my first snow, but still I was excited to see snow keep coming more and more, and yeah, that wasn’t all, folks, more to come!

It’s been years ago since I tried skiing last time. Well, I have to start looking for the skiing equipment soon *staring at my wallet and sigh* But still, look at the bright side, one of my coworkers is a ski instructor, ehemm…free training! 🙂 – Please put aside the thought how cool it can be to do snowboarding, when first thing to do is the cross country ski 🙂 At least in my case 😛

To intensify the winter feeling, here is Enya for you. Enjoy!


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