I Have No Idea What Title I Should Put Here…

It’s been only a week since I posted last time, but it felt like ages… yeah I know I am exaggerating 😛

I have taken some new pictures lately but I don’t know it was just I felt a bit lazy to create a nice post with good words. I slept too long for the last few days, sure it was too long if I went to bed already at 9pm and got up at 7am, don’t you think? And still I felt sleepy afterwards hehe… However now I am trying to drop some (?) lines and sure, some pictures. Let’s see how it goes… Are you ready? 🙂

I said something about the Christmas Market (JuleMarked) in the previous post. So I try to keep my promise. At the Christmas Market which was held last Saturday, I helped out in the cafe, selling cakes (lots of cakes! I felt in cake heaven! hehehe… was so glad that I could eat so much cake until I couldn’t stand it anymore (oopss) and still got the chance to box many more for my food stock in my room :P), and as you might have expected, I sent my self-made Brownies. There you go…

We were asked to make some drops for the body of our little tiny Santa Claus – on the right side in the below picture. We failed in the first attempt, but we tried again (I was already hopeless actually, I never made such sweets and we didn’t have a proper instruction – or well, I was just not good at reading instruction – but when we saw the sugar started to get thickened and it looked what it was supposed to be, I was so excited!). Yes, we made it. And all our so-called Santa Claus+Drops were sold out! Well done! *clapping*

After standing at the cafe for some hours, I got really tired, but had so much fun! When I got home I just realised I had a few days to go until I had to return some books to the library. By the way, I found the quartet from Pramoedya Ananta Toer, an Indonesian author (he had to serve the prison for many years, once he was verdicted to be a communist and this quartet were banned during Soeharto Era). The first book is Bumi Manusia (The Earth of Mankind), the second is Anak Segala Bangsa (Child of All Nations). I loved both books. And now I am ready for the third and the fourth. I wrote down some quotes from the books, maybe for next time 🙂

More good things here. I am not sure if you are aware that I am not a milk drinker. I started not to like it since I was in kindergarten. I don’t know why, I just remember one morning I didn’t finish my glass of milk. No particular reason. Just all of a sudden I didn’t like it. Funnily enough, I like cheese and fruit yoghurt (no plain yoghurt). Here is one of my favourites and last week I got the whole cup for me 🙂 Slurrrpp…

Till the fourth picture I still had no idea what to put as post title this time. I just felt like writing and putting some pictures here. At least to make me awake longer during the night 😛

Well, a few days ago I went up to tv tower in Trondheim. I like the picture above, though not the best. I went there with a friend by bus. The funny thing, I was so confident to give the driver 20 Kroner. Strangely he gave me back 5 Kroner. Why? I checked the ticket. No, it wasn’t child ticket. It was concession ticket instead. You normally willl get it if you are a senior citizen or handicap, oh well…

Oh, according to WordPress, it’s already November 25 now. It means, my father has birthday today! Happy Birthday! Hip hip Hurra! I know he is not reading this, however I wish him many happy returns and splendid years ahead! – a phone call will follow.

Tonight my friends asked me to play Poker, apparently it wasn’t as complicated as Doppelkopf, however I had to learn. But I had to stop earlier the same time I was running out of my ‘money’ 😛

And now I have to stop with my ‘some’ lines that are too many 😛 And at the same time an old friend turn up online. Ciao Amigos! – I meant Adios Amigos 😛


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