Happy Knitting!

At the end of October my co-workers and I attended some seminar somewhere in the south. We were so happy that we could travel together, by plane and by train, what a good combination. And it means we would have a chance to stop at Oslo, uhuuuy…these bunch of kids from deep in the forest hill somewhere in Trøndelag coming to the biggest city of Norway hahaha…

We took SAS, the best deal we got. One-hour-flight, then landed in Gardermoen.

What to do while waiting for our bus for 2 hours? We chose a place to seat, hey, we bought orange juice, so it wasn’t a free seat 🙂

Sitting down there, chatting, and knitting! Christmas Market is getting closer! Knitting is the good way to kill time! Look, we were so desperately trying to get it done 🙂

Of course having fun doing it…look at smile in our faces! 😉

That is all, folks! Wait for the report of our Christmas Market!

And this is the music as background! Who is interested to see their concert in Vega in Copenhagen, 26 January 2012? Email me, please!



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