Untypical Day of Mine

Now I am home and feel like sharing something with you.

I went to town yesterday, got a lift from a co-worker who lives there. I intended to attend a gathering, to meet some friends, and probably some new ones. When I arrived, it was just nearly 6 o’clock, so I thought I would go to cinema first. I went to the nearest cinema, and inquired some of the films. I thought of watching Tintin, but found out that it cost me 120 NOK to watch the 3D. The Three Musketeers as well. Oops, I wouldn’t spend so much money on it, so I thought I would go for the 2D movies. 95 NOK. Well, still out of budget. I went to the other cinema, since the gathering would take place in a cafe closer to the second cinema. I was thinking to watch Drive, considering the location, the time, and hopefully the price, oh well, also Ryan Gosling πŸ™‚ I made up my mind. I headed to the cinema, went to the toilet when arrived, and afterwards walked confidently to the lady at the counter. One ticket for Drive, please. She told me the price: 110 NOK! What??? That was even dearer. I wasn’t really aware of the price, even it wasn’t my first time, still shocked. Oh well…

I chose the back row seat. I was happy with my seat, it was the king hall, they say – Kongesalen, happy with how good Ryan Gosling looks *wink*, but wasn’t really happy with the whole movie.

And luckily, happy with the gathering afterwards, that I met some new people, but again, couldn’t stay till late. I got to catch my bus. It was quite tiring day, and the next day I got to go the hospital for some examination. I took the bus, and not long after that, I fell asleep. My destination was the last one actually, but unfortunately the driver didn’t see me. So, when I woke up, I got up right away, then the driver was aware of my being there, and politely he asked, well you have to alight here, I am sorry. He was already approaching the highway back to town, I suppose. And I got off the bus. Nearly midnight. Dark. Cold. Only myself on the road. Couple of cars I saw passing. I had to walk. Uff da.

Glad to reach the flat. Not really glad about the flat being cold. Uff da again.

The next day I had to get up early to catch the bus to town again, this time to the hospital.Β  The bus that I took was apparently not going to my final stop. Which means I had to take another bus, which cost me more Kroner, of course. Uff da (the third!). After I paid, I was just curious to see the ticket, to check if the bus companies were the same, well it wasn’t, so I indeed couldn’t save the money. But then I noticed the previous ticket…see on the picture below:

As always I pay 30 NOK, as well this time. But, as I put the mark on it, I was considered as Barn, or means Child, hahaha I couldn’t believe it happened again πŸ™‚ I should have paid 15 NOK πŸ˜› Well, it was the time that many school students on the way to school, that is probably why…

After the hospital thing, before going back to work, I needed something nice! Yes, I found some. I bought the second time, after the night before, BΓΈrek, the turkish bread with feta cheese ad spinach inside. Yumm… As well one coat on sale at H&M. Not bad, not bad… πŸ™‚

So, that was untypically day of mine. It doesn’t happen often so. However I am glad that I am back home now and warm.

By the way, I have been listening to this one particular band Team Me for the last few weeks. Indie band, sounds British, but they are in fact Norwegians. I hope you find it entertaining too! πŸ™‚

November has just started. I got some good news on the first day of the month *smile but still can’t share it here* and hopefully this month brings us a lot of joy and happiness. Now Nelda is signing off.


8 thoughts on “Untypical Day of Mine

  1. Isn’t it nice when you got concession rate from them, luckily the bus driver didn’t ask how old are you….

    I love Borek in the first and second bite, the rest I dont enjoy it that much

    • I actually paid the adult price. Perhaps next time I shouldn’t give the money before he hands me the ticket hahaha…no, I did the right thing, but he didn’t πŸ˜› – but he got extra 15 Kroner!
      The driver will jump off his seat when he figures out how old I am, hahaha…no, that was exaggerating.
      I haven’t tried the real BΓΈrek, it was only something I bought in the kiosk, but happy with it πŸ™‚

    • Yuppi…I moved on, and moved location as well. Try as long as you can decide for yourself, and parents are happy with it πŸ™‚
      I didn’t really get what you said wrote about the ticket, oopsii…:) I like Blitz too!

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