Oslo in One Day (Part 2)

Attention: Do not expect any great pictures of Oslo here 🙂

So here comes the second part.

Have you read the first part? –> Oslo in One Day (Part 1)

So Brynjar and I parted. He went back to his office, I walked towards the National Theatre T-bane station, or in Saga Kino to be precise. That was what Intan told me. We would meet up at Saga Kino.

It was a lovely day in Oslo. As I had seen on the weather forecast earlier, the sun was shining fully! Despite the low temperature – I think it was about 8 degree or around – the sun gave its full warmth (I saw some people wearing tshirt hurrying from one place to other place. Nuts, I wouldn’t do it 🙂 I left Værnes airport in Trondheim in the morning with temperature showing 2 degree.

Anyway, I finally met Intan. She looked like exactly what I had seen in her facebook pictures 🙂 She asked me where I wanted to go and mentioned several places that I might be interested to visit. I have visited all of them. Well, not yet the museums, but this time I preferred just to go around, take it easy, and buy more food!hahaha… well, it wasn’t the initial plan, but hey, two girls going together, where to? Shops, of course! 😉

I bought the one-day transport card, valid for the buses, trams and underground. We took the T-bane to Grønnland. It reminded me of London. Not necessarily Hackney, there are many places like Grønnland in London. It was crowded. We had our lunch in a small restaurant. Unfortunately I didn’t take any picture of Grønnland 😦 I think you can imagine it, lots of people, different kind of people, white, black, yellow… 🙂

Just make the story short, here are the contents of my shopping bag 😛

Indonesian instant noodles 🙂

Enough of Grønnland. I felt like seeing the new Opera House.

Intan and I.

Yeah, that is the new Opera House.

Oops, how is it going with the films I wanted to see then? The Palestinian short films. Yes, I watched them.

I find some films are funny and interesting, some are pretty slow and boring. However I learned a bit about history 🙂

Here is one of the funny ones. No subtitle, just watch it first.


These 3 boys are trying to make their own film. So they acted in front of ‘camera’. First camera, there was not cassette in it! The lady told them. It is used only for seeing who is outside. Poor boys. Then an idea comes up. They go to the wall, since they know that there is camera there, circuit cable TV or something like that. When the Israeli vehicle going towards them, the little boy says something like: Oh, they might bring the cassette to us! 🙂

After the films, I decided not to see the South Korean film, since it was pretty late, and it was in the other cinema, so I met Anne. We walked to the train station. She accompanied me while waiting for my train.

I had been to Filmens Hus, met Brynjar, met Intan, shopped some food, watched one of films played in Films from the South Festival, met Anne. I had a good day. Time to go back.

Time to sleep on the train. Sov godt – sleep well!

The title should have been Oslo in Half Day, when I counted it, it was only half day indeed 🙂

Alright, Oslo, see you around soon!


10 thoughts on “Oslo in One Day (Part 2)

  1. harusnya ikutan cerita indomie tuh, diiklan indo ada judulnya “ini ceritaku, mana ceritamu” ahahaha….
    btw,,keren banget foto Opera Housenya..

    • How come envious? It’s a rare thing that it’s a male who envies me hehehe… I wasn’t longing for Indomie actually, since I prefer Mie goreng, but my friend said there was one shop which sells Indomie with very good price (read: cheap), so there I went 🙂

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