Oslo in One Day (Part 1)

Attention: this is not exactly How to travel guide 🙂

I’ve been to Oslo, the capital of Norway, several times. Still my knowledge of this city very limited. I am good at walking from Oslo Central Station until the royal palace 😛 Anyway, last week I decided to buy tickets for my one day trip to the most multi-cultural city of Norway. This is my second visit this year.
I was interested to see some films at the Film From the South Festival, as I mentioned in my earlier post. I got 3 films on my list. I wasn’t so sure about the first choice though, since the location wasn’t familiar for me. So, two films to go, most likely.

My e-ticket. I got pretty good price. That was one of my consideration to go on weekday, to avoid the higher price.

And to avoid any hassle to find any accommodation or to bother any friends, I decided to come back at the same day. And since I just used my day-off, instead of taking any holiday. So I bought night train ticket. Good price as well.

I tried not to stress myself in this trip. I contacted 3 people in Oslo.

I was going to meet somebody who works in the festival (whom I have known from my past volunteering in Jakarta Int’l Film Festival 2 years ago). Brynjar specialises in South East and Far East Asian films, and this time he wrote something about the Singaporean director Eric Khoo and his Tatsumi film, read Brynjar’s article in Norwegian.

The second person is Intan. She found my blog a few months ago when she was searching something related to her upcoming plan to Oslo. We have contacted each other since. She is now residing and studying in Oslo and using her free time a lot to explore the city.

And of course my friend Anne, whom I already met during eastern holidays last April. She works in Oslo, so I got to meet her!

I took the flight in the morning, with the hope around 11 I already could reach central of Oslo. Yes, I got out the plane. The plane was almost full, by the way, I was pretty surprised by that, since it was weekday. Well, nowadays flight tickets are so reasonable, many people prefer to take the flight, I suppose.

I was taking the stairs down, getting my mobile phone from the front pocket of my backpack. I wanted to turn it on. It asked for PIN-number. I tried 1234. It didn’t work. I pressed 4 digits I  used for other PIN. It didn’t work. Last chance. My birthday. PIN blocked. Sh**. It asked for PUK number, I couldn’t even remember what it was. I pressed SOS. It asked if I want to call nødsamtale (emergency call). I thought, yes, it was emergency, anybody help me? Somebody answered. I said: God morgen. I was in panic, so I talked in English. I said: I forgot my PIN Number. The man on the other side said: Be careful, you are calling the police. I said sorry immediately and hung up the phone. Oops…  What do I do now?

I need the numbers of the people I was going to meet! Brynjar wrote me the day before that I should text him when I arrived at the airport, so he could pick me up at the train station. I also told Intan and Anne that I would contact them by phone. Oh la la…

I never felt that I needed mobile phone so bad like this time. I bought the mobile phone a few months ago, and I never turned it off. So, how could I ever care about the PIN number? I tried to calm myself down, until I saw some people using computer at the side of infromation booth. I made sure by asking the information lady about the internet connection. Yes, I could use it. There were 4 screens. I used the last one available. Trackball didn’t work, the touchscreen either. Argh. I walked away and came back a few minutes later when I saw some other screens available. I could get through facebook, where I could get Brynjar’s and Anne’s phone numbers. Blessed. I called Brynjar right away. I took the airport bus, instead of the train. I thought, I needed sometime to calm down, just sit relax in the bus. Longer but cheaper.

I arrived in Central Station at 12pm and that time I thought that I really missed the first film I wanted to see initially. Oh well.

Brynjar met me at the station, as we agreed before. We walked to Filmens Hus in Dronningensgate. There I met with Eric Khoo as well.

Brynjar and I sat down and talked for a little while. He couldn’t stay long, since his son had birthday that day. However I managed to get Intan’s phone number. Brynjar let me use his smart phone to open my Yahoo mail. Now I really appreciate the modern technology 😛

I continue later, shall I? I need to go to sleep soon to recharge myself 🙂



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