Skiing On The Grass!

The reason why I am blogging is that I am trying to record what I have done in the past, what is ongoing, what I will be doing (if I ever would like to share about  my future plans), what I am and have been thinking, or anything crossed my mind and I feel like expressing it in written. Sometimes I got some plans to write but due to some distraction, those plans just disappeared, or often happened that I just didn’t feel like writing them anymore. It often depends on my mood. Not necessarily good mood brings a lot of creations (blogpostings) either, it might be bad mood. However I hope that I am not often in bad mood 🙂

These days I enjoy listening to music on WiMp, or if you know Spotify, it’s something similar. Spotify is Swedish, and WiMp is Norwegian. You can download either (or both) of them on your computer and by searching what songs or artists you like to listen to. Great stuff.

If anybody (still) wondering, I am in the woods somewhere in the middle of Norway. It’s autumn here.

I took this picture at the end of September. Now all those leaves have fallen. No summer hut anymore, no swimming either, it’s too cold 😛

According to weather forecast, it will be snowing this weekend. Let’s see. If it is coming, not sure if it’s staying. Well, we never know. Weather changes so much nowadays. However, since snow hasn’t come yet, we have practised to go skiing already on the grass hahaha… (thanks to Dorine for the picture!)

By the way, my sister was so happy last week. She could see one of her favourite South Korean film stars, read her blogposting, be aware it’s in Indonesian Hyun Bin in Jakarta 🙂

And I am going to Oslo next week, to see some of films on Film Fra Sør (Film From South)  – it’s one of film festivals in Norway. I hope I could make it to see some of the films, one of them hopefully will be the Journals of Musan, it tells story about one North Korean man who tries to find work in capitalistic South Korea. As well to meet some friends, that will be fun! 🙂

Happy Weekend, all!


7 thoughts on “Skiing On The Grass!

  1. And some minutes after I published this post, it started to snow. It didn’t stay though, but it is snowing again today… it’s quite early this year, oh well… 🙂 Welcome, Mr. Snow!

  2. Yaiy, it is spring here in Southern hemisphere….. The trees start blossoming and the scenes are getting more colourful. But hay fever is a threat hahahah

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