I am not in Germany. I live in German-land 🙂

I try to recall how I came across to get lots of Germany-related contacts. Starting the time when my interest in Germany grew. I think it started when I was in primary school. One of my cousins became an AFS exchange student in Germany, in Dusseldorf, to be precise. My parents and I drove my cousin and my auntie to the airport. I even remember which shorts I was wearing! ahahaha…

Later on I found out that the German Ambassador for Indonesia that time was really nice and able to speak Indonesian! Impressed. I sent letters to the German Embassy in Jakarta and got replies, some brochures about Germany and a map! (Later during my university time I lent it to a friend who went to Germany, and … take a deep breath … he lost it! Ouch! Never get too excited about things and give away or lend stuff you really like to someone unless you really trust the person. Lesson learned).

When at high school, my big sister took a German course at Goethe Institut, since she got German lesson at school. I didn’t. I took Biology class. I knew that I was more interested in social stuff, but who knows? Perhaps I would change my mind to choose to become a doctor or a pilot instead? haha… which never occured. I then realised that I was never good at science subjects. So after finishing my high school I decided to change my direction completely by choosing Communication Studies as first option and German Language and Literature as second option for my university major. I got the latter. No wonder, I am still not good at communication 😛 But hey, am I good at speaking German? Unfortunately not 😦

Recalling my time during the study – well, it wasn’t the best time of my life, but not the worst either, it was ok. I improved the language by having German penpals (for your information, it helps!).  Being unlucky, I couldn’t come to Germany, otherwise it would be really helpful to improve the language skill and the confidence too. People asked me what I would be after graduating: Is it to become a secreatary or work for German companies? Which none of was of my interest whatsoever at that time.

Lots of my fellow students went to Germany to be an Aupair. I tried that several times and got several times rejection. The most reasons were the families lived in small towns and it might be difficult for me as a Muslim girl with headscarf to be accepted, so they said.

Luckily, I wasn’t frustrated just because of that. Now I realise more that taking it easy is my nature, what will be, will be. Good things will come to whoeever believes in it 🙂

If I could turn back time, I still would like to learn German language all over again, but not studying the literature. It’s not really my thing, I would say.

After I finished my study, I became neither secretary nor work for German companies. Instead of going to Germany like most of my university mates, I went to Norway. Ironically (or luckily) that was time when I encountered various German people in my life: some that I worked with and met at language course, a bunch that I met at seminars and another bunch I met online. I remember I put some nice words for friendship thing on a German website and got hell lots of responses.  I met some of them in person when I travelled around on Interrail in Germany. And with some of them I still have contact up until today. If nowadays there is Couchsurfing, at that time I used penfriends/friendship 🙂

Between my last time and present in Norway, there is a 8 year gap, in which I just used my German skill only for writing letters or emails to friends, and not on regular basis, which is a sad fact.

Now I am back in Norway. My coworkers mostly Germans. The ones who aren’t, speak or understand German language. The Germans get visits from their families and friends, who are surely Germans too.

I don’t need to turn back time if I would like to use my German 😛

They are pretty much everywhere, aren’t they? 🙂 Even when I am online on chatting room, I go to Japan or Chinese Room, and whom I meet there? Germans again 🙂

I am not in a lala land, I am just in German-land 🙂

Also, ich muss jetzt los. Wir sehen uns in dem naechsten Post 🙂

Note: To be surrounded by Germans is not something I regret. So far I get good companies, so I suppose this post has no snide remark. German-land is literally translated from Tyskland, the Norwegian word for Germany

I have no pictures of me in Germany now here, so this pic of me with two coworkers represents something perhaps hehehe…

And to get it more German, here I put the videoclip from Rosenstolz with Sternraketen. Who knows it’s your cup of tea! 🙂


4 thoughts on “German-Land

  1. Nice German-land story thanks Nelda. You’ve had some fun adventures, when are you going to write about Scottish-land? Or have you done that already. We have a great couch if you ever make it to Croatia!

    • Thanks, Ruth! I have written something about the bagpipers, but I think I really should make some story about my journey/adventure in Scotland too! Thanks for reminding me 😉 Croatia…noted! 🙂

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