Not Important – Important

I got my hair cut today, by myself. Well, not so important. But this is the second time I did, after last month 🙂 And my hair grows pretty messy because of that, everytime I look at myself on the mirror :))

Other thing, a few days ago, it was my ex manager’s birthday, and I sent him email. He replied and said that he envied me that I could travel and be very far away, and hoping that I could reach whatever I have been searching for. Which is really nice! This is important 🙂 He is a person someone can envy, including me. He was once journalist and also photographer, therefore he could travel around the world. He has stayed and studied abroad, not only in one country. Inspiring… especially if you know him 🙂



4 thoughts on “Not Important – Important

  1. Wow, your unimportant thing is very impressive! I don’t think Rudy Hadisuwarno can cut his own hair 😀

    It seems that you and your ex manager envy each other. Well, I envy you both! 🙂

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