Just A Short Trip (Åre, Sweden)

Okay, since in the previous posting I didn’t put any pictures, now I am going to do it. Pictures from my last trip to Åre, Sweden. I can’t tell much about this town, since I stayed not so long and not so much to see anyway, mostly in hotel. It was fun though.  As I saw it and read in the newspapers, this is definitely the place for winter activities. Well, I went there in September, definitely not for skiing 😛 Hopefully there will be another chance for skiing next time there!

I used pin hole in my digicam, sorry if you can’t really see it clearly. I was just a bit bored with taking pictures with just normal setting, so I wanted to do something different 🙂

Look at the Swedish flag! That was the important shot, for me, nearly forgot 🙂

Listening to music is definitely a recommended activity while travelling long hours by bus. Luckily the bus journey didn’t take so long, so I still could survive without it – I was sleeping instead, even when they were singing Rosenborg (football club from Trondheim) hymn, I decided to continue my sleep, well, I had to be really tired then. Anyway, these two guys definitely knew how to have a good time 😉

This time was absolutely time for chocolate! I bought 3 kinds of Marabou – made in Sweden, one full dark chocolate, one cocoa orange, and one with marzipan, yummi… plus one of After Eight, well, it wasn’t from Sweden though. I just realised that I like dark chocolate much better than the milky one. So, send me dark chocolate! 🙂

So, I think that was about it what I got from my short trip to Åre.


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