What Would You Do? (First Part)

I think I should start this section on my blog, as part of my experience in my life (sure, what else?) – might show stupidity at some point, oh well, that is life, isn’t it?

Yes, confirmed, please hit the GONG!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you are trapped between two guys, both engineers, one is German, one is Turkish, and they were talking about football? Me, hopeless, of course, since I have so little knowledge about football, apart from the familiar names of some players I might have read in newspapers or heard from news or friends or people talking about them. Well, it wasn’t exactly that I was trapped, but I was just so lazy to move my butt to find others who might share same interest with me.

Anyway, I thought, it was nearly the time to go home, so why not staying a little bit longer with these two football lovers, whom I would like to meet again one day, who knows, we bump into each other again in town. The German said that when he was somewhere in the club or somewhere ladies always came to him, the Turkish guy said: Of course, you are good looking (which is not wrong at all haha) and the Turkish guy is taking Masters in Petroleum study, which made the Norwegian girl next to him said: Marry me, marry me… ahahaha it was a nice evening.

See you at the next WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


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