Do I Like The Social (Media) Network?

Answer for that question? Yeah. I like the presence of it, but I am not the best fan 🙂 I remember when the era of friendster, it was after a few friends invited me, finally there was one friend who really made me join. It was in 2004, I remember. Probably when I joined, everybody else was already really good at what they were doing, while I was still thinking what to put in my profile 😀 Anyway, then came the era of facebook. It was 2007, when a good friend of mine, the one whom I used to work with overseas, invited me, and I thought, what is it? Kind of friendster, I suppose. But I thought I would use it to connect with the people I used to work with or met abroad. Later on it started to grow even bigger and bigger. Friends from school or from the work started to add me, oh well. Now we are all connected on facebook 😛

Well, this Tuesday I went to town with my friends. We went to Platekompaniet (it’s a music store) to check out some CDs, and probably DVDs too. I saw The Social Network and Inception DVDs. I told my friend: Hell, I haven’t seen those two, you know. Where have I been? (It was the time when work was only my nearest friend hahaha…no time for cinemas, let alone dating :P)

Then we went to the library, and I really wanted to get myself some nice DVDs to watch, after I finished the whole seasons of Friends last month, now time to move on hehe…

Surprisingly I found those 2 DVDs mentioned earlier. Available. Yuhuuu…I kept them with me right away, with one of Toy Story and Wallace and Gromit DVDs as bonus. And today I finished the third time of watching The Social Network. I put here some of the songs from the movie.


You hear it correctly. I have seen it three times, so far. I wasn’t really satisfied with my first time watching. Basically I understood what has happened. But I wanted to understand better. And Mark Zuckerberg speaks really fast. So I watched for the second time.


I like this song very much.

Then came the third time. Luckily they provide this special feature in the DVD,  where the director comments on what is going on or about the cast and so on. Really interesting!

I could watch it the fourth time tonight, can’t have enough of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield 😛 but maybe I should rest or move with the next movie 😉

As the ending, oh I like it, when Mark Zuckerberg is staying to sit in front of his computer, adding his ex on facebook, refreshing the button, over and over again, while as the background you can hear this music: Baby, You’re A Rich Man by Beatles.


Well, maybe this posting doesn’t satisfy you with the question given on the title. Does it matter? 😉


2 thoughts on “Do I Like The Social (Media) Network?

  1. mine too mbak, my crush-in-the-past urged me to have a friendster back then. then facebook and twitter era just followed 🙂

    i like Inception alot, it’s a great movie. the best one ever so far 🙂
    and The Social Network isn’t a bad one. got a depression at the 1st time i watched it. how could Zuckenberg in his young already created something big, what have i done to this world? 😀

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