Set The Goals Despite The Weather

Well, I am pretty full with good food, since I have just broken my fasting tonight. The day is getting shorter now.

Maybe not bad idea at all if I am talking about the weather here lately. If you are not that interested, this is for my memory’s sake ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, unfortunately the weather in the last few days hasn’t been the best weather, well as the exception the weather yesterday on Sunday. The wind had been blowing like nearly the whole day. It happened that I didn’t close my window properly, so when I came to my room, my window was wide opened. I just open my window if I am around actually, since one of the sociable cats here could sneak in to my bed and fall asleep there. Not that I don’t like it, he is so cute, but I have no idea where he has been before coming to my room, so just play it safe.

Yesterday I went on a little trip to the little island in Trondheim fjord called Munkholmen. The sun was shining, made it pretty warm. I was reluctant in the beginning to do this trip due to my fasting, but I wouldn’t want to miss this kind of thing, so I came along and I was in the shade when others were laying down under the sun. The wind was blowing, so we went to the other side, if not willing to be blown away.

The others were having their dinner. Those sausage and chips looked so appealing. And the ice cream! I want ice cream tonight! That was what I said to myself and yeah, I had it ๐Ÿ™‚

True, if we have goals, we need not only to memorize it, but we have to know how to get it. But the most important of all is that we write down the goals, because by doing it we are actually confirming our willingness to make it come true. Well, perhaps it wasn’t the best example with my ice cream, because I knew that I had ice cream and I knew I could eat it when the sun went down.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I have been trying to write down my goals since last week. I read in a book that the author, after having taken a part in a seminar, that required him to write down 101 goals, has fulfilled 39 of 101 so far. And in my case, I just started to write them down. Well, so far it’s been a week, I have written down 60, long way to go. However, it gives me more motivation, as I read in Wikihow – How to Set Goals “If life is a journey, how will you get there if you donโ€™t have an itinerary? Goals tell you where you are going, how you are going to get there and what you will do when you get there.”

Hope it helps you. And while writing down your goals, you can listen to this song, the acoustic version of Evig Pint by Kaizers Orchestra, which in this video only Janove and Geir performing

The weather might not get better tomorrow here, however I hope you write down your goals and enjoy the music as I do both!


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