How I Spent My Holiday (Part 2)

I came to my third shift on 1 August at Britannia Hotel, Trondheim, where the Secretariat of Olavsfestdagene during the festival was located. I got my turn to be at info stand in the afternoon at the hotel lobby. Kaizers Orchestra Concert would be held that night. When I was told that one of the benefits to be a volunteer was that we were able to enter the concerts for free, I was ecstatic. But then, of course, under one condition, as long as the tickets for the concert wasn’t sold out – then I became unsure about my chance to come to Kaizers’.

I was supposed to change the info stand guarding with my fellow volunteer, but I said I preferred to stay for the last shift, and she didn’t mind. Funnily I remember in the beginning I was quite reluctant to do this job, since I wasn’t all sure about my language skill to be able to answer the questions from people, and I didn’t think I knew quite well about the programmes and so on. Then I saw 2 other fellow volunteers from the Press team. I heard somebody mentioned Kaizers Orchestra, but I wasn’t sure if they were waiting for them. I looked outside the window, there was one guy carrying a guitar on his back, then entering the hotel. He reminded me of one of the guitarists of Kaizers. I wasn’t sure though…and nobody to ask 😦 And those 2 girls didn’t seem approach him when he started to sit down and take out his guitar. I finally asked one of the girls. They were indeed waiting for Kaizers Orchestra, for interview.

“Isn’t he one of them? Why don’t you ask him?” I asked. That girl wasn’t sure, if I understood quite right. So I thought they were perhaps waiting for the vocalist, Janove. A few minutes later, without considering too much, what would I lose anyway? I got up and walked towards that guy. The girl gestured to stop me and said: “No…” I simply responded: “This is for myself” and smiled.

So I went to that guy, sat down on my knee and asked if he was one of Kaizers Orchestra’s members. He was. Yes, he was Geir Zahl, one of the guitarists. I was thrilled. I told him that I’d been to their concert 8 years ago in Trondheim. “Where? In Studentensamfundet?” he asked. Yes.

He told me that he had to borrow the guitar, since his own left in Amsterdam. They had concert in Germany on previous Saturday and when flew back to Norway, unfortunately the guitar didn’t come with him. He asked if I was coming to their concert that night. I would like to! But I told him the condition for the volunteers. He told me, if the tickets are sold out, he could put me on their guest list. Wow, how cool is that! I wrote my name on a piece of paper and gave to the manager who was apparently sitting next to him. Isn’t he really nice? I am shaking, I said (too honest hehehe). There were several other things that we talked about, which showed that I might not be their no.1 fan: I wasn’t sure that the album that I bought the first album or the second (It was Ompa Til Du DΓΈr, and it was the first, Nelda!), I wasn’t sure that they were 5 or 6 (6 is the right answer), I wasn’t sure that he makes most of the songs (it is actually Janove, the vocalist). However, it’s been 9 years since I heard about them the first time and I still like the music, and I still would like to come to their concert again! It was really great to meet and have that friendly talk with him and I was so going to the concert that night! I couldn’t stop smiling until the next day ahahaha… It was definitely the best present for my birthday this year. Yeah, it was my birthday the next day, 2 August. It was the first day of Ramadhan and I had to break my fasting in the middle of the concert. The concert was fantastic! It really made my day πŸ™‚

Each volunteer got 2 t-shirts, and I chose orange and blue.

This was the info stand at Britannia

Oops…the first pic doesn’t look good

The second better, though not the best. Blame on the manager who took it! hehe..thanks anyway πŸ™‚

The concert got good review from Adresseavisen, the local newspaper in Trondheim

Would like to know more about Kaizers Orchestra? Click here

I will write more next time, okay?

By the way, Happy Ramadhan, Happy Fasting! May our fasting be blessed


8 thoughts on “How I Spent My Holiday (Part 2)

  1. wahaha…itu yg kemaren cerita abis pulang ntn konser yak?
    enak dong ya gratisan plus diundang sama yg punya konser lagi hehehe…

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