How I Spent My Holiday (Part 1)

Wow, it’s like half month since I posted something here last time. Today I just got back from holiday. I decided to take one-week-holiday this summer. Unfortunately it didn’t involve long and foreign journey (I’m in foreign country anyway). I volunteered instead, at Olavsfestdagene. It’s festival in Trondheim related to the holy St. Olav, which involved not only lots of religious activities such as pilgrim trips, speeches, prayings, choirs, but also lots of classical and other kinds of music concerts, and as well programmes for kids. I hadn’t got the idea to become one of the 350 volunteers, until I noticed that Kaizers Orchestra would become one of the performers, and it was written in local newspaper that more volunteers needed. Then I registered. Then I got accepted. Then I worked.

I worked for the Secretariat. We made all the passes for the staff, volunteers, artists, sponsors and guests. We tried our best to answer all questions from anybody wondering about the festival. Well, I am still struggling with my Norwegian, but I did hope that I could contribute something. I worked 4 shifts which spread into 4 days. The days when I didn’t work for the festival, I spent either going around Trondheim (most likely shopping) or staying at home eating and watching TV (that is what you call holiday!)

Since it started at the end of the month and I was in the middle of monthly financial crisis (yeah poor me hehe), I got to cancel the small trip to ร˜stersund, Sweden and the plan to go to town everyday to do randomly mad shopping and entertaining myself every single day. The mood for the festival went down a bit due to the bombing and the shooting in Oslo and Utรธya. I went however to the event held by Trondheim Kommune in the city centre, to give the thoughts and prayers to the affected ones. We were standing together in the square listening to one speech to the others, then several songs. I was impressed by the Norwegians. Nobody moved, just standing there listening quietly, despite the pouring rain. I was soaking wet. What do I complain? They certainly are facing some difficult time now.

Under the umbrella

Afterwards I went to the volunteer meeting at Britannia Hotel. I had met my group leader, Camilla, before. She is superb! She was just so ready to start the festival, and as well the other Secretariat volunteers (and of course the rest of the crew and volunteers). All Norwegians, well yes in my team. The other team? Probably I would say 99%? I could see the excitement in everybody involved in this festival. Let’s get cracking!

Some of us at the secretariat

To be continued…


6 thoughts on “How I Spent My Holiday (Part 1)

  1. Pasti Kaizers Orchestra ngetop banget ya.. Gue liat di website-nya, mereka konser di berbagai negara selama bulan Agustus.. Trus yang di Norway sih tiketnya sold out! …pantesan semangat jadi volunteer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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