Fresh Fruits – Shoichi Aoki

It’s time for fashion post now! Yeah, it’s a rare thing but I’ll try to update what kind of things I might enjoy to see or wear (who knows?) *who cares* πŸ˜›

I found this book Fresh Fruits from the library, which contains lots of photographs of young people in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku area, taken by photographer Shoichi Aoki. So, I found all the pictures here from the book.

This is the book cover. If you notice, the girl on the left wearing the knit short pants, and I find it really cool!

I like the blouse and the skirt. The colour probably not something that I really fancy. But I like the idea of multilayer-skirt, and the transparent fabric as the bottom layer, and as well the legging underneath, good idea and I think it will suit me. I wouldn’t wear the same trainers though.

The first thing I noticed is the hair, it’s sooo…*speechless* These are probably not the kind of clothes I fancy a lot, but I like the contrast of the skirt and that 3/4 trousers with that shocking blue stocking. You go girls!

She looks very cool! Not because of the LV bag by the way πŸ˜› However the only thing that the most likely I will buy and wear is the top, very nice!

As usual, the colourful combination attracts me the most. And again, the multilayer-skirt, and the short pants underneath. As well the glasses!

This one might be suitable for the colder seasons. The rain jacket, the tartan skirt, the nice legging and the boots are the best, and it’s Camper!

Again and again, the multilayer-skirt, the strawberry motive, the colour, so fresh fruits!

The last one is more Japanese-look with that Kimono and Geta sandals. This is what I like from their style, that they still stick to the local tradition, not always influenced by western style.

We can also do it, Indonesia!

And now time for my shoes showing off!

This is one of the last items that I bought which I love the most. What do you think? I have no idea when I can wear this pair though. Summer has just begun, Nelda! πŸ™‚ *consoling myself*


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