What To Do on Sunday ?

…if the weather allows…

…perhaps you would like to do something different…

Visit your local waterfall. Get as close as you can, do what you like, swim, take picture, just sit around.

Try the recipe that your mother used to make. Even the result is far from what she did, at least you tried 😉

Wear the new outfit that you just bought from the store that you just happen to find. Who knows what you can do with it.

Picnic in the park!

Brisk walking in the woods and feel the fresh air. Make it an exercise to clear up your mind. You’ll get re-freshed 😉

More ideas coming. Happy Sunday!




8 thoughts on “What To Do on Sunday ?

  1. visit your local waterfall…:p
    gue mau nyari waterfall di daerah Sentul sana buat main2x sama anak gue, nanyalah gue sama temen gue yang rumahnya dekat situ *di entry gue terakhir itu foto dia* #penting
    …dijelasinlah sama dia…terus gue tanya lagi “bagus, ngga kang air terjunnya”
    salahnya gue……gue lupa temen gue gede di Sukabumi…doi jawab
    “yah…buat saya mah, biasa aja ky….di kampung dulu juga banyak…” dengan logat sunda pisan…
    jiah….anak2x gue kan jarang2x liat air terjun yak….

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