What important is… (travel and toilet version)


At the end of May some friends and I went to Tydal Kommune, destination Nesjøen. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t supporting. It was raining and pretty gloomy. However, we made up our mind to do it.

It was green on the way there.

Anyhow, around one hour later, when we thought that we were approaching Nesjøen, the landscape turned out to be like this…

Gee…that thick snow at the end of May, amazing, isn’t it? And since it was foggy, we couldn’t see things in a distance. It was like going to the end of the world, and not sure if we were on the right way, and no appropriate sign either. And we insisted not turning back until we reached our destination, if not Nesjøen, then the hytta (hut), I can’t remember the name, Nedalshytta, I suppose.

Yes, we found the hut. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the hut. It’s summer hut, so nobody was there when we got there.

What important is…

…the toilet. Yes, they have toilet, that was unlocked. So I could come in. Free of charge.

In fact, it was an ute do, or you can say outhouse. This is the definition of outhouse I found on wikipedia: An outhouse is a type of toilet in a small structure separate from the main building that does not have a flush and is not attached to a sewer.

And that was exactly what we found. So, we just have to open the door, lock it then open the toilet and there you go, the hole! If you don’t feel like looking what is underneath, don’t look, just put the toilet paper on the side of the hole (you have no idea how many thousand people have sit down on it do you?) and sit down on it, relax, and do it! Yes! No need to nag. That was it! 🙂

Hope you have a good quality time with toilet today 😉


4 thoughts on “What important is… (travel and toilet version)

  1. Gee, your last sentence..5 menit lalu gw kabur dr toilet.
    Toilet perempuan lantai gw bau pesing! I wonder ada karyawti urinating at the floor! Mual gw!
    *hebatnya, ada yg dandan lho bow di toilet, tahan ya dia*

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