More Than a Pair of Mittens

Yay! Finally, today the mittens that I have knitted, done. Here I give you some pictures. However I am sorry about the quality of the light.


They are actually children mittens – yes, we put them in the washing machine so they shrink (it’s wool) and we got the shape that we wanted. Even that I can’t wear them, I am glad anyhow. Well done me! 🙂

And guess what, a while ago I tried to make some frikadelen or potato cake or we call it perkedel (I think it was originally from frikadelen), well it wasn’t the big success with the egg coating though, but it tasted good enough, for me 🙂

Aaaaand, this is my favourite so far, since I could eat them, brownies. Yummi! It was a big success for me. Det smaker godt! Uhuhuuuu me want more…oopss…there is always next time 😉

So, what have you done or made recently? Anything special that makes you feel good?


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