Jeg har fri i dag!

What to do? What to do?

‘Jeg har fri i dag’ means ‘I have a day off today’.

Unfortunately I won’t continue to write in Norwegian now.

So, it was my first day off. Important to drop by at the local supermarket to buy some chocolate.

Milk chocolate with hazelnut from Freia. Yeah.

We were lucky to get bigger car to fit four of us, me and 3 Germans, yeah, you hear it correctly, I am surrounded by Germans here hehe…

The one who was sitting next to me just bought the little packet of knitting tools, so he started with his knitting experience 🙂

I started with my knitting experiment some days later, look at mine

After window shopping at the shopping centre, we went to Apple shop. The knitting guy bought his Ipod Touch, ouch, me want too! 😛

Finished with shopping tour, we decided to try our luck with fishing.

Here is the quay

In English

In Norwegian

Turn left, guys

And now turn right 😀

They say the more (Germans) the merrier 😀

Unfortunately no fish for today.


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