Bangkok-Oslo etc Part 2

I arrived at Gardermoen airport, Oslo on Friday morning. I took a snap shot of the airplane next to mine. I can’t remember how cold it was at that time, but it looked promising with the weather. Let’s see how it would go…

This is how the passport check looks, if you are not included in those mentioned on the right side, come to the left side, which means all passports. I came to the left side. No problem. Then you collect your luggage.

I waited for nearly an hour at the airport, without any particular reason. Then I exchanged money to Norwegian Kroner and took the flybussen (it costs 140NOK one way to Oslo). The bus stopped at bussterminalen in Oslo, where I could just walk through it until I found the sign of direction to Sentralstasjonen/train station.

I bought my train ticket online, so I just needed to pick up the real ticket at the counter. I paid for 499 NOK, otherwise I would pay for 800 something Kroner whoaa… Then I decided to go around of Oslo a little a bit, since I had around 4 hours before my train departed. I went through Karljohansgate up to the palace or they call it Slottet (King’s palace).

You can see the green sky and the palace. The weather was really nice. Sun was shining. It was cool and I felt that summer was already on the way hahaha… fingers crossed still.

Then it was the time for me to depart to the next destination.

You can see on the right side it is my train which would bring me to Trondheim. It takes 7 hours from Oslo to Trondheim. Nice journey with very beautiful views. You would like to see?

The lake, which most part was still frozen. Amazing. Combination of sunshine and frozen lake.

Sun was shining so hard that I couldn’t really sit still by the window, since otherwise it would be too warm. I was just thinking that winter would finish very soon. What can you expect with the warm sunshine?

What else to see on the same journey?

When we reached the mountains, the view completely changed. Snow was everywhere and you can’t see the track of spring let alone summer coming soon…and as well the weather. It started to get dark. Trondheim was to reach in about 3 hours. At the next stop I caught a glimpse of people taking off with the ski equipments. And I hurriedly took a picture of them before they went.

So it was still ski season then.

Right. It wasn’t even easter yet.

I arrived at Trondheim train station, picked up by a girl that was waiting for me outside my carriage. She introduced herself. When she said her name, I knew immediately that she was a German. And I was right. Herzlich willkommen in Norwegen, was very nicely welcomed indeed πŸ™‚


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