Time To Say Good Bye

Good bye my (for a while) little sanctuary and good co-workers!

Those books that are no longer there

My messy desk and underneath

Elsa telling off the partners hehehe

Dewi staring at the never-ending tasks hmmm

Caught in the act

Geni performed illegal transaction (of photocopying) hehehe

Finally the away day that had been delayed several times

Just the blurred piece of me and Hez.

Hey, quarter life crisis there to be solved, Hez! ๐Ÿ™‚

And it’s time to move on…


4 thoughts on “Time To Say Good Bye

  1. mau kemanaaa lagi luu??? mau ngapain….berapa lama…huuhuhuhuh, gue apply ke negara tetangga aja ngga tembus2x sih! :((
    *halah…curhat di sini*

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